2015 Tupelo, MS: AUBURN

On the muddy (backup) fields in Tupelo, #1 seed Tulane and #2 seed Auburn cruise into the final. Auburn goes up a few breaks early, and cruises to an 11-9 win in a rainy, muddy game. For the other bids, the remaining 7 teams finish out a giant pool on Sunday. Alabama goes 6-0 to clain 3rd, Vandy destroys LSU in an upset to finish 5-1 in the pool (4th bid), and LSU advances over MSU thanks to a break on universe all the way back on Saturday morning. MSU’s section long 7 year regionals streak is snapped.

Tulane ends up qualifying for nationals by finishing 3rd at regionals upsetting #3 seed UGA twice. Auburn upsets #4 Florida to get to the game to go, but falls in hard cap 12-11 to UGA. Tulane ends up being DQ’ed by USAU for having an ineligible player on the roster. Auburn takes their place, is seeded 17th, and finishes tied for 13th.

2014 Tupelo, MS: ALABAMA

bama 2014

#1 Seed LSU crushes #3 Alabama and #2 Auburn handles #4 Tulane in pool play on Saturday to setup semifinal rematches from 2013. Both Alabama and LSU cruise in their respective intrastate rivalry game to setup a fifth consecutive LSU/Bama final. As dominating as LSU was in the pool play game, Bama is as dominating in the final. In the other games, Auburn breaks Tulane upwind on double game point to grab 3rd, #5 Vandy beats #6 MSU for 5th, and MSU beats #7 Ole Miss for the 6th bid.

2013 Tuscaloosa, AL:ALABAMA

Alabama advances to the finals after cruising through pool play and defeating Auburn comfortably in a rain soaked semifinal. LSU loses a pool play game to the 4th seed in their pool (Ole Miss), but still finishes first. They make it to the final after beating Tulane in a game for the ages- LSU led 10-7, then Tulane scored 6 straight to go up 13-10. LSU scores 3 straight to tie it at 13, and then breaks Tulane on double game point to win 14-13. Alabama wins a fairly boring final 15-7.

2012 Tupelo, MS: ALABAMA
Alabama surges from the 5 seed to upset Vanderbilt 12-11 in semis, then avenges a pool play loss to LSU in the championship game. Bama leads 11-8 late in finals when LSU mounts a 3-0 run that includes two upwind goals to tie going into soft cap. Then Bama answers with an upwind goal of their own en route to scoring the final two points to take the title 13-11.

2011 Tupelo, MS: ALABAMA
In 2011 the Bama Section is renamed the Gulf Coast Conference, but finals remains a recognizable, repeat match-up between perennial contenders. Alabama def. LSU 16-14 in OT (yes, it exists in ultimate) in a finals game that should have been capped at 13s. Michael Aguilar! epically soars over Alabama defenders in a loosing effort.

2010 Tuscaloosa, AL: ALABAMA
Tempers flare as Alabama def. LSU 15-13 in the highly contentious “Preacher Game”. Mississippi State survives the newly-christened “Brad Jones Memorial Back Door” for the third year in a row.

2009 Tupelo, MS: LSU
LSU rallies from the 5 seed to def. 1 seed Ole Miss 13-11 in finals. John Clemmer’s “The Pull” carries Mississippi State past Vanderbilt in the back door.

2008 Tuscaloosa, AL: AUBURN
Chris Bankhead is conspicuously absent in order to take his MCAT and for the first time (ever?) LSU does not make the ‘ship. Auburn def. Alabama 15-10 in finals. Todd Springer and Tulane upset Ole Miss 15-12 in pool play, clearing the way for Mississippi State’s first back door run.

2007 Starkville, MS: LSU
LSU owns the Bama Section and silences the relentless cries of “Commodores, Commodores, Commodores!” by def. Vanderbilt 15-6 in finals. LSU then advances to the game-to-go at Regionals and takes half 8-7 before Kansas rallies to a 15-13 victory.

2006 Oxford, MS: LSU
LSU def. Rob White’s Auburn 15-9.

2005 Tuscaloosa, AL: TULANE*
LSU def. Tulane 15-10 in finals, but is later disqualified for using ineligible players. Tulane advances to Regionals where Patrick Weems emerges as the game’s next superstar.

2004 Tuscaloosa, AL: LSU
LSU def. Vanderbilt 15-13.

2003 Champion: LSU

2002 Champion: LSU

2001 Champion: LSU

2000 Inaugural Bama Sectionals Champion: ALABAMA

“The final game went down to the wire. Ole Miss went out to an early lead before their main handler, Phil Levy, went down with a knee injury. The score was 16-15 Alabama (game to 17, win by 2) and Levy was back in action leading Ole Miss in a drive down the field for the tying score. However, despite losing two players to injuries during the final three points, Alabama was able to maintain its poise and patiently work the disc for the final two scores. Bama wins 18-16 and claims the Sectional title.”

~ Jason Whitt, South CRC

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  1. How about another poll? Sectionals is closing in and so far we have a January poll, and a February poll. Seems only natural to have a March poll.

  2. I disagree, Ben is tagging the Spring Hill Ladies Ultimate Team (SHLUT) Captain…ergo not totally great, but in hindsight, he might be semi-

    1. Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask you about that. I knew LSU had won for forever. I have a regionals account from 1999 that has Ole Miss and Bama in the semis, and Bama losing to Rice? in the game-to-go. But that’s ancient RSD stuff. And while I don’t wanna give away too many Bama Secs secrets, a fab shop in rural Indiana is currently designing something special, and it is gonna display scores as far back as we can get them. I was thinking about just putting LSU TO NEGATIVE INFINITY on it.

  3. Bama won sectionals in 2000. Here’s the recap from which the above quote was taken…


    The highlight of this thread has to be USAU demigod Will Deaver participating in a Bama sectional conversation.

    Here’s, the subsequent recap of regionals that year, hosted by Ole Miss…


    As far as I can, tell this was the first time that Sockeye great Skip Sewell was virtually fellated on an internet forum.

    I love history. In other words, I’m old.

    One more thing. Fix the aforementioned quote. It’s two T’s, you Moe Rons.

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