Bama Secs was created in 2007 by then Bama Sectionals Coordinator Michael McNeil to better relay information about the college season to the teams in the Bama Section.

It quickly turned into more than that.

Bama Secs became a place for tournament previews, prognostications, and recaps, as well as a place for teams to talk about how good (or bad) other teams and players were in the section/conference. McNeil handed the blog off to Marvin Vuong for a year (or two) when Marvin took over as Sectionals Coordinator around 2009.

In 2011, John Rhodes Martin took over as Bama Section Gulf Coast Conference Coordinator, and with that he also inherited the blog. McNeil also began to make posts again for the first time in years. When Rhodie was promoted to Southeast Open Region Director in 2012, Andrew Francis came on board as Bama Section Gulf Coast Conference Coordinator and also as a contributor. Currently, Rhodie, Andrew, and McNeil all contribute content to Bama Secs.

2014 saw the beginning of video content by Bama Secs, and that effort will only continue to expand as capabilities and technologies improve. Bama Secs also is now launching new sections that will cover ultimate in other parts of the United States. The first two new additions are Colonial Secs (Virginia and Maryland) and BEast Plains (Kentucky and Indiana).

If you are interested in starting a section blog for another part of the country (or world!), drop us a line at editors(at)bamasecs(dot)com.

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