2016 SAPP CON All-Section Results

After another very successful year in the SAPP CON, we look back and recognize the top players from the section. Below are the results from 80+ votes between current coaches and players in the SAPP CON. Not bad at all for our inaugural season.


First Team
Anders Olsen (Emory)
Daniel Sperling (Emory)
JP Burns (KSU)
Nathan Haskell (UGA)
Parker Bray (UGA)
Paul Lally (UTC)
Sam Little (UGA)

Second Team
Charles Loudermilk (KSU)
Chris Calhoun (UT)
Devon Rogers (Ga Tech)
Mac McClellan (UT)
Mike Bartell (Emory)
Stephen Burkot (Ga Tech)
Zack Avello (UTC)


Sam Little (UGA)


Once again, congrats to these players on their successful seasons. Be on the look out for a WAY Too Early SAPP CON Power Rankings coming soon, as well as some here and there club coverage.

Until then…


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