2016 GC All-Section Results presented by Spin Ultimate

Sorry for the delay, life gets in the way sometimes. Congrats to everyone who won. We may be in contact for some sweet spin swag for first teamers, FOTY, and POTY.


First Team
Ben Lamport (Tulane)
Blake Galloway (Auburn)
Danny On (Vandy)
Eric Sjostrom (Auburn)
Nathan Oaks (Bama)
Ryan Landry (Auburn)
Tom Echols (LSU)

Second Team
Chance Cochran (Tulane)
Ethan Downs (UAB)
Evan Boecking (Auburn)
Evan Walter (Tulane)
Michael Burke (UAB)
Tanner Robinson (MSU)
Travis Vermaelen (LSU)

Johnny Sims (LSU)

Ryan Landry (Auburn)


First Team
Charlotte Doran (Vandy)
Emelia Marshall (LSU)
Hayley Djuric (Bama)
Jin-Mi Matsunaga (Vandy)
Kristine Fedorenko (Auburn)
Marypat Henry (Tulane)
Tara Massouleh (Bama)

Second Team
Alex Jones (Bama)
Brooke Holloway (Ole Miss)
Courtney Foster (Tulane)
Dana Bramlitt (MSU)
Gina Guillory (LSU)
Inah Hong (LSU)
Kellie Ellis (MSU)
Meredith Johnson (Auburn)
**Tie for last spot**

Julia Becker (Bama)
Sofia Lima (Vandy)
**Tie for FOTY**

Charlotte Doran (Vandy)


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