GC Fan Predictions (Results)

Time for fun with charts! A few notes first:

  1. I deleted some obvious troll ballots, or any that were actually impossible. That left about 70 valid submissions.
  2. Ole Miss received more first place votes (4) than 2/3/4/5 votes combined (3). Homers.
  3. I didn’t generate charts for the women because there ended up being 6 good submissions. Everyone is confident that Auburn, Alabama, and Tulane will advance. 4th place was all over the place.

To the charts!

pool a

Overwhelming support for Auburn to win the pool. UAB/MSU is a tossup in everyone’s eyes. Ole Miss/USM hold seed.

pool b

Tulane is the favorite to win the pool over LSU, but not by an overwhelming margin. Alabama and Vandy are expected to battle it out for 3/4.

bid winners

Auburn is the favorite to win the title with 65% of the first place votes. Tulane has at least 20% of the vote for first, second, and third. LSU is all over the place with their most common being 56% of the third place votes. Every team got at least 1 fourth place vote with UAB leading the pack at 39% and MSU behind them with 29%. Fifth place had a fairly large distribution of picks with MSU leading at 35%, and both UAB and Alabama with 22%.


Everyone is pretty positive that Auburn, Tulane, and LSU are all going to advance. After that, things get a bit murky. It’s a bit of a surprise to see the 5 seed MSU have a slight 2% lead over the 4 seed UAB, an it also surprises me ow much of a separation their is between UAB/MSU and Bama/Vandy. Those 4 teams are going to be in a dog fight on Sunday.

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