Men’s SE Bid Picture With 2 Weeks To Go

D1 bid picture

As it stands now, both both #9 Florida and #15 Georgia have bids to nationals for the SE. Florida’s spot is all but secure, and UGA is sitting pretty after a good Eastern’s performance. Based on who has games left where, I just don’t see 3 teams overtaking UGA. Rumor on the street is LSU and Tulane have both decided not to attend the smaller Centex this year in favor of Huck Finn. If that is the case, #3 Minnesota will be there along with 13 teams ranked between 18-41. Considering the average power ranking of the top 15 teams attending is around 1775, gaining a third bid is not out of the question. While a fourth bid could also happen, it is unlikely due to the increased chance of intra-SE games at Huck Finn. It is unclear at this time if FSU will play Centex or any other events before the season ends.

For bids to regionals we currently stand at 4 for Florida, 6 for SAPP, 5 for Gulf Coast, and 1 for SE Dev. The only 2 moving parts left are UGA-B and Vandy. UGA-B is sitting at 12-0 against mostly other B teams, and if you look at their results, only 5 of those 12 games are actually being used to calculate their ranking. They have 7 blowout wins that actually hurt their ranking. The question is this- how far will they fall when teams’ results get dropped at the end of the year? This happens every year with B teams since a bunch of them only play 1 sanctioned tournament. Someone will be elevated because they crushed a bunch of B teams, and then will drop like a rock once teams without 10 games are dropped.

Vandy is the only team that I know of outside the teams at the top that has games left. Vandy’s current ranking is based on only 7 games, so it should be easy for them to rise with a decent performance in their only other tournament. I was told they were playing an event in Kentucky, and since Cardinal Classic is the only one that fits that description, that is the assumption I am going with.

One note before my predictions- UTC is only listed as having played 14 games even though you will find 21 on their team page. They had a player rostered at Ttown that was ineligible (unbeknownst to them), so that entire event was thrown out.

Predictions- 3 bids to nationals, GC gets 6 to regionals, FL gets 4, and SAPP gets 6. Dev gets left out.

D3 bid picture

Currently, SE D3M have 1 bid to nationals with Georgia College sitting at #15 (although the actual cutoff is between 13 and 14 because OV and ME also don’t have teams in the top 16. Union is really the only team within striking distance of a second bid at #23. They have a chance to improve their ranking a ton at D3 Easterns, and considering how wildly D3 Rankings can swing week to week, I have no clue what to expect.

As for bids to regionals, it will probably just end up an even 4/4 split because not enough teams will have 10 games to allocate them all via strength bids. This may be the first year that Georgia College is really challenged for the spot to nationals with Union, UNG, and UAH all looking like solid D3 teams. Should be a fun way to start a real D3 regionals.

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  1. UGA-B has beaten Union and Ohio State-A (mainly their rookies as they were on spring break) in unsanctioned play. They are also going to Joint Summit next weekend; it will be interesting to see what happens with them,

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