SAPP CON Women’s Mid Season Power Rankings

Once again thanks to Emory Luna Coach Keith Raynor for this in-depth write up!
New Power Rankings! We’ve got results for most of the teams in the Conference (and the region) so the picture is starting to take shape for Conferences and Regionals. With that in mind, I’ve noted each team’s overall sanctioned record (OVR), in-region record (IR), and out of conference record against Southeast Region teams (OC).

10: Berry College

Until they prove they exist this season, we’ll just leave this here.

9: Georgia Southern (OVR: 2-4, IR: 1-3, OC: 1-3) 

While they finally debuted, and thus exist, which is probably the lede, this team is now called the Southern Sirens, according to USAU, which I think is the third name I’ve heard for them in 3 years. Considering there’s another Sirens in the region, dunno if this will stick, but let’s run with it. On the one hand, a pair of wins looks surprisingly good for our Sirens, but they also took a serious beating from FSU-B. Probably their best showing a 9-7 loss to Tulane! There’s potential here.

8: Georgia State (OVR: 1-5, IR: NA, OC: NA)

This team is still just, when healthy, probably more talented at the top than UTC and Georgia College. But with minimal legs, reps, and depth, they may not have what it takes to some of the Conferences other teams. Early returns are not strong, but it isn’t clear who was their to perform for them in their lone tournament, Joint Summit.

7: Georgia College (OVR: 3-3, IR: 3-3, OC: 2-1)

Solid if unspectacular showing at Hundred Acre Wood shows the resident D3 team has some chops. Dunno how they’ll fare against the top four, but after that…

6: Tennessee (OVR: 3-8, IR: 3-6, OC: 3-5)

They did not put up their best showing at Florida Winter Classic, and Only Ten I See did not bounce them back. After beating Emory in the fall, they got rocked 14-6 at FWC, albeit probably short some firepower. Then, they missed some close ones at Only Ten I See to Winona State and Tennessee-Chattanooga, finishing 5th after being seeded 3rd. Inconsistency seems to be their biggest weakness right now, as they rely on a couple of players to do a lot around the disc.

5: UT-Chattanooga (OVR: 5-8, IR: 3-8, OC: 1-6)

The biggest win for UTC was obviously besting in-state rival, Tennessee, which gives them double game point victories over both Georgia College and Tennessee. You can see how this unfolds in the rankings. UTC’s 3-4 record was actually enough to get them 3rd at Only Ten I See, although their 0-4 out of conference record drops them to 1-6 against the rest of the Southeast. Ouch.

4: Emory (OVR: 3-9, IR: 2-6, OC: 1-4)

Any questions about the SAPP Con pecking order were pretty roundly answered by KSU thumping Emory 14-6 at Moonlight Invite. But Luna actually pieced together some close losses to Auburn and Vandy in other showings, and they looked like they are improving. Right now, though, they just don’t seem to have a lot of killer instinct, a byproduct of their youth.

3: Kennesaw State (OVR: 3-3, IR: 2-2, OC: 1-1)

Things are coming together for Strix, who is getting production from role players and top end alike that they haven’t had before. Their success is begetting confidence that makes them dangerous in games they really want. Depth might still be an issue, but expectations keep going up for KSU because they keep stringing together results.

2: Georgia (OVR: 9-5, IR: 4-0, OC: 3-0)

It feels like a dead horse, but Georgia looked so young at Queen City Tune Up. Marsh and Yang buck that trend with their on-field authority, and when freshman Sally Cummings is on, she shows the potential to take over points. But it is still a work in progress. They still have what it takes to get better, as shown by a 2 point win over Bama on Saturday at Hundrend Acre Wood followed by a 7 point victory on Sunday.

1: Georgia Tech (OVR: 13-13, IR: 11-1, OC: 8-1)

Wreck took on elite competition at QCTU, and got a rude awakening Saturday, going 1-4 and getting decked a few times. But they did nearly topple Virginia in an awesome game and bounced Sunday with some much stronger play after they collected themselves. But they were easily the best team at Moonlight Invite and turned in an awesome Tally Classic where they finished second and traded games with FSU. Undoubtedly, GT has the top disc skills in the conference and that makes them a real pain to match up with.

The Bid Picture

By my count, after this past weekend (thanks UAB and Georgia Southern!), the Southeast Region should have 25 competing teams, making for a 12 bid Southeast Regionals. You can rejoice now.

SAPP Con should be on line for four to six of those bids. South Florida and Mississippi State both had big weekends, but LSU and Tulane did not help out that same conference. Tennessee and UTC may have swapped places or just pulled each other down. Should some teams vanish and we only get 10 team regionals, the question becomes for SAPP Con would we be able to get 3 or snag a 4th? FL is basically a lock for three bids, but SAPP Con and Bamasecs will battle it out for supremacy. It will probably come down to KSU, Emory, and Tennessee/UTC against Bama, Tulane, Mississippi State. Early returns favor Bamasecs; that group for SAPP Con is 6-16 out of conference while Gulf Coast’s record is 12-5. The real SAPP Con disaster would be failing to even protect the third bid. Shudder, don’t think about it too much. Just don’t let up late in the game against a Bamasecs AKA Gulf Coast squad.

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