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***Editor’s Note- We have given Brad free reign to post updates about his ultimate news app Stack on Bama Secs as we think it is awesome. Support him and download it today!***

Stack version 1.1 has just been released and with it brings some big changes. First off, I’ve received a ton of great feedback from the community and want to encourage everyone to keep sending it. I store all of the actionable feedback on Github in the Issues list, so feel free to add anything you can think of there (bugs, crashes, new features, updates). My goal is to try to release an update to Stack every 2-3 weeks.

The biggest thing this update is the addition of the Events section. It provides access to USAU’s Score Reporter database and displays tournaments, schedules, brackets, and games. It provides the same features as USAU’s Events section in their official app, but contains some big usability updates. I’ve added a search bar to the main events list and sectioned them off by date, which cuts down the time to find an event exponentially and makes it actually usable. There are some inconsistencies with the tournament data, but those are all in the Score Reporter database, so there isn’t much I can do on that front to fix any of it. I built the Events section in just a few days, so this is very much a beta version. There are still some performance improvements that need to happen for everyone with older devices (iPhone 4) and if you have any suggestions for new features in Events, please let me know.


If you’d like to see more updates to the Events section, let USAU know that they should give me more access to Score Reporter by emailing them at

Now on to the bad news, Ultiworld has decided not to participate with Stack anymore. They are doing so because of prospective losses in ad revenue from their website. They produce some great content and I’d love for them to be included in Stack, but I honored their wishes and removed them from our feed.

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