SAPP CON Power Ranking (updated)

After some major spring tournaments have come and gone, I believe it’s time for our very own SAPP CON Power Rankings! UPDATED EDITION!!!

This is going to be a quick article. And you’re going to like it that way. So get over it. Here’s my splurge for each team and how they have done so far this spring.

9. GGC

Where are you? What are you?


8. Georgia State

As much as we want to make fun of this team for not being good due to the departures of Sam Kim, Spinks, and Kenta, this team is actually better than I was expecting. Now does that mean that they’ll be playing for a sectional title this year? No. But it does mean that they have some young talent that should be developing soon, and as long as they get numbers in recruiting over the next few years they’ll be competing again in no time. Morgan Choi, younger brother of new head coach Sun Choi (former KSU stud) has been great so far this year and has some big potential. Shout out to DK and Felix for being two guys who continually carry this team for the time being.


7. Georgia Southern

With Zaki on the sidelines at T-Town, Southern had a solid Sunday but didn’t do as well as they had planned on Saturday. This team has some athletic depth that we didn’t expect to see and has shown to be a real contender in this section so far this year. The only thing that stops me from putting them higher is who do they go to when they need big plays? Some major contributors left after last year and this team is still in search for those key guys. I believe they find them though and compete extremely well later on this season.


6. Kennesaw State

JP Burns has shown to be a better all around player than we thought after some solid performances at KSU’s first tourneys this year. The biggest surprise has been how solid his supporting cast has become. After a rough fall, KSU did have a better showing at Mardi Gras finishing 4th overall after going undefeated in pool play on Saturday. They would end up losing in the semi to UTC.


5. Tennessee

After having missed out on the redo weekend of T-Town, we have yet to see Agent Orange in action this semester… which gives me all the reason to not doubt how good they will be once they go to their first tourney. Sometimes time off can hurt a team, but I have a feeling this team will be even better this spring than they were in the fall. Other than that I have nothing to write about. So let’s move on.


4. Emory

YOUTH. YOUTH. YOUTH. With some of the best freshman talent in the section, Emory has proved that they can play with the big boys (losing to Ga Tech on universe at T-Town) but has also shown that they can play down to their opponents. Inconsistency has hurt this team so far this year. They got huge wins over Brown and Michigan at CCC, but have yet to put a tournament together where they play well every game. This team will be sneaky towards the end of the season and could challenge the top teams if they’re playing well and consistently. Juicy info right there.


3. UTC

Trusting your offense enough to NOT play Paul Lally on it is bold, but honestly they’ve done a great job so far this season developing guys who aren’t Paul or Nightmen. This team is deeper than we thought and will be a real threat to the top tier teams in this section, maybe even the region. They didn’t have the T-Town results they wanted, but followed up THE NEXT WEEKEND by cruising to the Mardi Gras final where they lost in a tough game to LSU (a top 3 team in the GC). Look for UTC to pull out some big wins against some very good teams later this season.


2. Georgia… TECH!

Tech had a slow start to T-Town but would eventually pound their way to the semis where they lost to the 4-man cup, huck and play D team that is Florida. (side note: UF would go on to win easily vs Auburn in the final). Tech is still trying to raise their game from “hey we almost make nationals a lot” to “our team is awesome”. Ever since the studs of Lance, Clark, and White have gone and passed…well graduated/ran out of eligibility… they’re still alive I believe… anyways… this team has been wanting to become more than just studs with role players. This year’s team is the closest they’ve gotten to that since. It’s been impressive. Can they continue to get better as the season progresses and play their best at regionals??


1. Georgia, The University of!

#SEBidParty2016. Yep, these guys killed it at QCTU this past weekend. They broke a whole seed! Georgia was be ranked 5th going in, made the semis and lost to Ultiworld powerhouse UMASS. BUUUUUT the wins they picked up were huge for the region and getting 4 (maybe 5) bids again this year. Sam Little, Parker Bray, and specifically Nathan “Nasty” Haskell were all over the Ultiworld twitter feed this weekend, which means about as much as having the most liked post in a groupme but still!… These dawgs made some noise and are still the team to beat in the SAPP CON.


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