Bama Secs Nominations 2014

We do a lot of things right around here, and still our fair share of wrong things too.

All in all, though, we think we’ve had a pretty good spring on Bama Secs. Obviously, we couldn’t do it without y’all. Thanks for being a good audience, thanks for being entertaining, thanks for being good sports, and — honestly — thanks for being so much fun to follow. I think we’ve got the best damn section in the land, full of bright, energetic, entertaining people, who just happen also to be ultimate players.

Thanks for being you, Bama Secs!

Now it’s time to give away some awards.

We already gave our first annual award away last week, when the Ole Miss women beat the Mississippi State men for this season’s best jerseys.

Ole Miss Women

Now that Bama Secs the Gulf Coast Conference Championships are over, it’s time to hand out the rest of the individual awards. Hardware up for grabs:

The Myron Hardy Award AKA Player of the Year

2014 All-Conference Line

Freshman of the Year

Mr. & Mrs. Bama Secs

You can see previous award winners here, and previous POTY winners here.

And now, I’ll hand the microphone over to Rhodie, because who can say anything better than that guy

But of course, before we vote we must first endure the annual nomination campaign of hype and hyperbole!

You were on the field, so you tell us: Who played well? Who impacted games? Who was pivotal to a team’s success? Or to the other team’s suppression? Who impressed?

In short, who deserves an All-Conference nod, or even the 2014 MHA, and why?

The comments thread is yours.

If you need some inspiration, here are the last 4 years’ threads. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

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  1. West Dickens # 5 from Auburn might be the most underrated player in the section, especially as a defender. He usually guarded the top players on each team and did an INCREDIBLE job at it. I knew I could always rely on him to guard whomever if we were on the line together. If we needed a O-point score really bad, he would usually go cut for them. His throws have also gotten a lot better over the past year, too. He even handled some for our D-line on some points. He definitely deserves some votes for All-Conference.

    Also, Blake Galloway #3 from Auburn for Mr. Bamasecs. Have you seen those baby blue eyes?

    1. I could definitely hop on the “Blake is a gorgeous man” train. Hell I’ve been on it since summer league.

    2. Big fan of West. I only played a couple points against you guys but he guarded me every time I was out there and I only ended up touching the disc a few times. Not to mention he’s a really nice guy

      1. I love this reply due to its ambiguity. I can’t tell if it’s sincere or just the most perfectly subtle back-handed compliant ive read on this site

  2. 1. Austin Taylor
    2. Brian Moore
    3. Garrett Yettman
    4. Evan Walters
    5. Greg Cousins
    6. TJ Martin
    7. Keith Mize

    MHA: Austin Taylor

    Mr. Bama secs: Andrew Francis
    Ms. Bama secs: McNeil

    Just didn’t feel like explaining. These are the best players in my mind.

  3. Don’t forget about Ryan Landry (Auburn)- yes he was hurt for the back end of the season, but he absolutely dominated at Ttown.

      1. We used to have a first and second team, but Rhodie quit doing that because (and I quote) “If you aint first, you’re last”

  4. Brian Moore has been an offensive starter on 4 Gulf Coast Conference Champion teams.

    MHA belongs to Draco. I might be a bit of a homer but I’ve yet to see anyone play as many points as he does without a drop in production.

  5. Stephen “Cumdog” Cummings who plays for MS State deserves to be all conference. He was the best defensive player I saw on Saturday and Sunday and held his own offensively. Very underrated.

  6. Ill start with who I think are the best players in the section by team
    (disclosure: I’ve played for bama for 4 years)

    Garret Yetman – The most talented player in the section without a doubt. In his FIRST game against bama all his throws were on point and he looked like the POTY for sure
    Nard – Very athletic, solid all around player
    Tall Blonde Kid – Got open under all weekend against us

    TJ Martin – Good athlete with solid breaks and a big backhand huck. Was able to turn auburn ultimate into a quasi-cult with his leadership skills
    Blake Galloway- Played great all weekend on both offense and defense, definitely a future stud of bamasecs
    Ryan Landry- It’s a shame he got hurt, he is one of my favorite players to play against. Easily would be All Section had he been healthy, but is it fair to the rest of the players to give it to him?

    Evan Walters – In my opinion the best player on the team. Breaks for days and a very good around backhand huck. I think he would be a viable POTY option if he would take over more games.
    Greg Cousins – Very athletic with solid hucks, definitely the most emotional player on the team.
    Pat – Deceptively quick for how lanky he is. Very good at moving the disc fast and pushing the tempo

    Austin ‘draco’ Taylor – Probably the best conditioned player in the section. Never stops running and took off only a handful of points all weekend. Great breaks and hucks that were the only thing missing in previous years. In the finals he definitely looked like the best player on the field.
    Brian Moore – Definitely the rock for alabama. The whole team seems more confident when he is on the field and controlling the disc. Threw some huge hucks in the semis and finals that were right on the money
    Matthew Johnson – 5’8” but plays like he is 6’3”. He skied nearly everyone in the section this weekend and was on the receiving end of a majority of our hucks. Nobody could stop him.

    My top 7 (alphabetically):
    Greg Cousins
    TJ Martin
    Brian Moore
    Austin Taylor
    Evan Walters
    Garret Yetman

    This is tricky. In my mind it is just between Yeti and Draco. In highlight videos Yeti definitely has some incredible throws from the most awkward positions, while Draco has textbook looking throws that are just as accurate but just do not look as cool as Yeti’s. In the finals, Yeti was marked up on Draco and definitely got outplayed. He was constantly getting broken on arounds and letting Draco throw hucks. It seemed like the only way he tried to prevent hucks was by calling travels on him. Yeti’s throws were also all off by a little that game, but just enough to out throw his receivers. This was a huge difference in the game as all of our hucks were mostly right on target. If you think the award should go to the best player at the tournament, then Draco should get it without a doubt. However, I do understand the allure of Yeti’s style-points and he definitely has the most talent in the section. I am personally voting for Draco

    It is so hard to tell who is a freshman nowadays as some freshman are coming in with more experience than most senior players. But, Clay Tylka played great for alabama all season getting at least one layout D in every game it seems. That kid is gunna be sick

    1. Tall blonde kid: Zach “frug” Frugè

      Should be on everyone’s list. He was open all weekend long. Handling for LSU, I was never more comfortable than when frug was on the field cutting for me. The kid has phenomenal grabs and reliable cuts, but he’s humble which I feel leaves him under many peoples radars. I’m sure those guarding him can attest to this. He’s got a cannon on him that rarely gets appreciated, but I can remember a few hucks from him. Especially in our first game against bama. (#2ndgame #swoops #bucketswellbeatyouatregionals #itstradition)

      Other team fluffing:

      Travis “slurpy t” Vermaelen:

      All team player and Mr. Bama secs fer sure. Women want him, men want to be him. He puts his pants on both legs at a time. He’s the man behind the curtain. He plays harder than you work. And looks better doing it. He has a 5:5 pull chill ratio. He’s more reliable than a 19th century steam locomotive. Some might only know him as dirty’s little brother, but those closest to him know him by how much he can fit in his mouth. (Travis, you won’t fit that entire waffle in your mouth…(he did. He fit an entire waffle in his mouth)) He teaches old dogs new tricks. The grass is greener on his side, which ever side that may be. I’d abuse him worse than prescription drugs by misunderstood teenagers but he tells me he’s “independent and don’t need no man”. Travis for mr. bama sex 2014! And all-conference. Butt mostly mr. bama sex.

  7. I think the section has a lot of talent and to name just 7 doesn’t really do justice to all the players. But my 7 are:

    1. Greg Cousins – Tulane
    2. Garrett Yetman – LSU
    3. Pat (I don’t know his last name) – Tulane
    4. Brian Moore – Alabama
    5. Austin Taylor (Draco) – Alabama
    6. TJ Martin – Auburn
    7. Nard – LSU

    Freshman of the year: Tom Echols – LSU

    MHA: Garrett Yetman – LSU

    Mr. Bama Secs – dgaf

    Miss Bama Secs – that one hot blonde from NOVA (don’t know her name).

    * Players to watch for (Future): JT- State, Kenny Berthelot- LSU, Travis Vermaelen- LSU, Cody Shirley – USM, Some kid nicknamed Riddle- Ole Miss.

    1. Nard, Kenny, Travis, frog and several others on lsu make them the best team in the section when everything is clicking. Yeti is really their only star.

  8. This section definitely has some great players, so choosing 7 is a hard thing to ask. I have played for Mississippi State for the last 4 years, and have alot of people left off the list that more than deserve to be on it. I know Tulane and Auburn have some good players on their team, but unfortunately, we didnt play this year, and i dont think ive played Tulane in 2 or 3 years, so i cant say anything about those guys.

    In no particular order…….

    Yeti LSU- Huge improvement in the way he carries himself compared to last year. no yelling at teammates, little to no whining on the field. aside from the obnoxious cannonball calls when leading 12-1, id say hes done a complete 180. Saw some amazing throws from him this weekend, and some great positioning on defense. As an all around player, hes one of the best the section has to offer.

    Draco BAMA- ive played you so many times, but i still dont know your real name. After falling behind late saturday vs bama, i focused on watching him. Cuts were amazing, keeping some of our fastest guys on their heals. Throws were on point, and never saw a mistake. Great all around player.

    Steven Cummings MSU- first off, what a pleasure to play along side this kid for 4 years. Steven is that true workorse. He does whatever is needed of him to help his team. When myself and JT went down with injures, Steven truly held the team together. he played nearly every point on saturday and played 49 consecutive points on sunday, which ended in darkhorses’ 7th consecutive trip to regionals. if thats not durability, than i dont know what is. his relentless effort on defense, and smart decisions on offence resonate to the other guys on the field, and make them better.

    Sims from USM- although he might not be well known, with the loss of Chris and Luca, Sims stepped up for his team at sectionals. He was a vital part of the crazy zone that they throw, as well as a key cutter to help his handlers when they were in trouble.

    Justin TSUN- Justin was all over the field vs us. he guarded our best cutters, and beat our best defenders. For being a smaller guy, he sure can make big plays on the field. Also, when TSUN seemed to be on the verge of falling apart, he always made a play to keep them giong in the right direction.

    David Sun VANDY- We weren’t able to stop him all year. Great throws, great composure. I cant say any more good things about vandy without getting sick, so im going to stop there.


    POTY- Draco, because Bama beat LSU

    FOTY- Hands down, Jacob Griffin aka Penguin from MSU. If you didnt know, MSU lost basically our whole team last year, and this year we were “rebuilding”. We lost every true handler we had, and were completely lost in what to do with the offence. Coming out of high school, Penguin knew a ton about the game already, and quickly became an offensive leader for our team. Having a rookie understand the game, and be able to come in on day 1 and become to primary handler is invaluable. I think its safe to say that Penguin took MSU from a rebuilding team to a team with goals and sights set on the post season.

    sorry for all the mistates in this post, typing on a keyboard with 1 hand sucks, especially for capital letters.

  9. Gary Lee POTY. I mean there’s an ad for it and everything on here. He’s gotta be the best by far! Every vote against Gary Lee is a vote for Nickelback.

  10. Some players that stood out this weekend from a random observer’s perspective:

    Bama: Obviously Draco gets most of the recognition here, as he should, he’s definitely the energy of the team. However, between him and BMoore I would pick BMoore. Not sure why, really no reason to back it up, he just does things for their team that I don’t think anyone else can.

    LSU: Yeti. That’s all. Other players that definitely stood out were Kenny and Nard, I wish I could have gotten to see Tom Echols out there playing and seen if he would have made a difference down the stretch for them in the championship game.

    Auburn: TJ made this team awesome. The Garris guy was killer for them in some key situations, always making solid throws when he needed and shut some guys down on defense. Aside from TJ they don’t have many other guys whose names I know, but hey, it worked for them, they had a really good tournament.

    Tulane: Greg Cousins has it, Evan Walter also has it. Whatever ‘it’ is, they have it and it sucks for the rest of the section. Pat Doughwhateverhislastnameis also deserves some credit, he can make some big plays and a guy that awkward looking has no business being that athletic.

    State: What a loss Hiccup and JT both going down was, they could have made a much better run at that championship bracket with those two intact. Steven Cummings definitely made a huge impact though, definitely deserving of some consideration. Also the short guy with long hair never stopped running no matter what happened on the field, and the big handler (apparently a freshman) looked like the most experienced player out there. Big time maturity from him, he’s gonna be good.

    Ole Miss: Really not a single player that stood out among the rest. Sorry guys.

    Vandy: Again, I don’t know that any of them stood out in enough of a way to warrant any All-Conference consideration. Lots of solid players to get good enough results but no real big names to know.

    USM: Losing 00 and Italian monster luca was a huge loss for them, both could have made the All-Conference team. Gary Lee didn’t really stand out to me at all unfortunately, I was ready to jump on the bandwagon. I saw a bit of their game against UAB sunday morning and the only player who stood out was the guy in the red hat (don’t know his name) who was pulling for them, but then he got wasted by a UAB player and disappeared (literally, I didn’t see him again that day, the hat is hard to miss).

    My top 7:

    Greg Cousins
    Evan Walter
    The 7th spot is a toss up between the Garriss guy from Auburn, Steven from State, and Nard. I dont know

    FOTY: State handler, bigger guy.

    Mr. and Mrs. Bama Secs:

    Need pics to determine the winner here, people need to start posting pics.

    1. Thanks!
      and the guy with the red hat is Daniel “Frodo” Beck. In that play again UAB he got a concussion, broke his nose and (not sure if still in the same play) dislocated his elbow tearing a muscle.

  11. If Caroline Marsh and Travis Vermaelen don’t get Mr. & Mrs. BamaSex this year, it will be the biggest snub since Ben Affleck being robbed of his work in Gigli. Those two deities are direct descendants of Aphrodite herself. Furthermore, the entire section needs to make a concerted effort to pull Caroline away from Draco so that Travis can plant his much sought-after and desired seed in her, thereby preventing the birth of a half-blood to Draco. We all know that gods are more powerful than wizards, and since these two chiseled works of dynamic and muscular art are playing ultimate within our very own sexion, it is our destiny handed down from the gods themselves to us as worshippers to bring these pure beauties together. Don’t upset the gods. #Caroline&TravisForever2014 #WeAreAllUnworthy

  12. There are a ton of guys in Bamasecs that are just good guys and even better ultimate players, but I’ll just hit the high points with my write-up.

    Draco (POTY) – I’ve had my eye on this guy ever since he beat me for FOTY by one vote. I don’t know much about him as a person, but on the field, this guy is great. Calm, smart, and never stops going. One of my favorite players to watch. I can hang with his cuts (sometimes), but I am pretty sure he broke my mark several times in our game. POTY, you deserve it.

    B-Moore – Always heard of you, never realized who you were. Great command of the field, nice throws, cuts, decisions. This guy is the glue for Bama.

    Yeti – Everyone talks about Yeti, so yeah… Sick throws, love watching you and LSU play, etc., etc. LSU’s team is my favorite to play, they push me to my limits and force me to be a better player.

    TJ Martin – I saw one throw from him this weekend and it was dirty! Big guy can cut, sky, throw, and put together a solid Auburn team.

    Ryan Landry – Hate that he got hurt, because he is my favorite handler to play against/watch. Sick hucks and some serious speed.

    Ryan “Hiccup” Cross – Another good friend/teammate that I wish had never gotten hurt. Hiccup can jump for dayzzz. I have never seen a 5’10 guy sky the crap out of 6’5ers like him. His throws and decisions are there, he’s fast, and is relentless on the field. It has been an awesome four years competing with this guy, constantly making each other better. Good luck guarding him next year.

    Tulane – Never played them or watched them, sorry.

    FOTY – Jacob “Penguin” Griffin – Solid throws, good decisions and can play through some nasty shin splints. Watch out for him and the future.

    Finally, watch out for JT. One of the most knowledgable, ultimate savvy guys you will ever meet. His love for the game is incredible and I have learned more this year from him than any of my other 3 years at State.

    Good Luck to everyone in the future. I wish you all the best. It’s been a great 4 years competing with y’all.

    Cumdawg out.

  13. Biased up front…
    Greg cousins Tulane
    Pat Tulane

    Bmoore is great and was huge in the semis against us but these players more than others carry a greater load. Alabama won with their whole team…

  14. B-Moore

    MHA- B-Moore

    FOTY- Flo

    Mr. Bama Secs- David Walker

    Ms. Bama Secs- Nova. Whole team.

  15. Playing in this conference the last 4 years (this being my last year), I can easily say that this has been a down year for the Gulf Coast section. I don’t really see any team making it very far at Regionals (my team included) this year. That being said, here is my take on the All Conference team:

    – MTSU, UAB, Southern Miss, Ole Miss
    No regionals bid, no All conference players. I’d recommend going out and recruiting athletic players for next year. No offense, but all these teams should be able to easily compete with the likes of Miss. St. and Vandy if they get actual Ultimate players for next year.

    – Miss. St.
    Squeaking into a regional bid by being the best of the worst, gives you an honorable mention for All conference. Playing you guys this weekend, I really didn’t see too much from your team. I’m hesistant to give the nod to Cummings, because he just isn’t that good.

    – Vandy
    Don’t know too much about them, other than the fact that they’ll probably not win a single game at regionals. Not sure that disqualfies them for the All Conference list, but it surely doesn’t help.

    – Tulane
    Cousins is essentially the glue that holds this team together. Once he is gone, Tulane will be regulated to the gatekeepers of the backdoor 5th place game. Cousins is a definite on the All-Conference team.

    – Auburn
    These guys are the status quo of the Gulf Coast section. Not bad enough to be grouped in with the likes of Vandy and Miss. St, but not good enough to be included with Bama and LSU. TJ gets the nod for this team.

    The meat of the All-Conference team should be comprised of Bama and LSU, IMO. I’d probably go with a 3-2 split, respectively.

  16. A few guys getting little to no love:

    31 comments deep and not a single mention of the name EVAN BOECKING (#85) of Auburn. This guy stepped up big time this year, and was probably Auburn’s most important player as the only true main handler of the team by the end of year. He’s an incredibly versatile player with the disc in the hand, having the ability to both control the disc up close and stretch the field deep with powerful hucks. His handler D is also some of the best I have seen or played against. He gets way less credit and attention than he deserves.

    Blake Galloway is in the same boat. There were a few games this weekend where he was the best player in the game on either side. His throws have improved drastically and he is a tough matchup for anyone downfield. He works harder than anyone on defense as well. All-section next year for sure.

    West Dickens is the Best Defensive Player in the Section. It seems like he was over half of our Ds in nearly every game and he has the ability to neutralize almost any team’s best cutter. It’s a shame that All-section seems to be viewed from an offensive perspective, because I’ve seen West win matchups against several of the players that have been mentioned so far.

    Davis Pierce and Stewart Boyd are the guys Auburns offense ran threw the entire spring. They are the real workhorses of the team and tirelessly cut. They also seem to have some weird, supernatural connection to each other and know exactly how to throw to each other. They were the main scorers for the offense, and they got the disc back for the offense on a turnover.

    Others: Keith Mize (can’t be stopped) and Garris Bugg will be forces next year and have breakout seasons.

    Other teams:
    B – great throws and very consistent all year long
    Austin – my favorite player to guard in the whole section
    Trent – my favorite player to be guarded by in the whole section. They teach defense right at Bama, and this guy makes you work harder than any other player.
    Matt Bryant – Athlete of the Year, Matt made some absolutely silly good plays against us
    MJ – played at a very high level on Sunday and was a mismatch on the field

    Pat – good luck guarding him, he is so quick and light on his feet and plays small-ball as good as anyone
    Evan – very good technically, I wish he would demand the disc more
    Lamp – some of the best layouts I have seen
    Greg – although I wish you didn’t call as many fouls as you do, there’s no denying your athleticism and intelligence on the field

    Tim – some players make a bigger impact with their ability to lead than with their ability to make huge plays, and I respect the heck out you for that
    Yeti – no doubt you are incredible player and the sky is the limit, but I do think you can make better decisions with the disc at times
    Nard – you make some plays that I have never seen anyone else try for, you always look exhausted and I like that

    We hardly played any Mississippi schools this year, but Steven Cummings sticks out the most in my opinion. His athleticism is off the charts, and he has grown into one helluva player over the past year.

    All Section:
    Draco (PoTY)
    TJ Martin
    Evan Boecking
    Blake Galloway

    West Dickens
    Matt Bryant
    Greg Cousins
    Stewart Boyd
    Trent Dean

    If we could somehow manage to get these two lines to play against each other for a couple points, that would be great.

    Also, I appreciate the pity love from everyone, but I would hate to see my name on any list that doesn’t have the word “Injured” in the title. Let the guys who played compete for the hardware.

    1. Jesus, be a man and pick seven. All this dick sucking, naming everyone under the sun just to try and get votes is lame. They asked for seven so pick seven

      1. Obviously I’m going to send in seven people for my vote when it matters, but this is a comment thread. Im answering the questions:

        “You were on the field, so you tell us: Who played well? Who impacted games? Who was pivotal to a team’s success? Or to the other team’s suppression? Who impressed?”

        We have a lot of great players in the section that impressed and deserve recognition for the things they do well. Not everything has to be an argument on here.

        1. Quote: “Obviously I’m going to send in seven people for my vote when it matters”

          Not obvious to me because you named everyone.

          Quote: “but this is a comment thread”

          That’s why I’m commenting on your post

          Quote: “In short, who deserves to be all conference.”

          Noticed you left this out. Clearly implies to pick seven which you didn’t do

          Quote: “You were on the field”


          Quote: “so you tell us….or to the other team’s suppression?”

          Again, can’t even follow the rules you posted

          Quote: “Not everything has to be an argument on here.”

          You’re the one arguing, I’m just trying to get people to be honest.

          1. If your goal is to get people to be honest, you should have no problem with my comments, since everything that I’ve said has been my honest opinion. But something tells me that you aren’t satisfied with just that.

            All-Conference Line:
            1. B-Moore – Bama
            2. Austin (PoTY) – Bama
            3. TJ Martin – Auburn
            4. Garret Yetman – LSU
            5. Evan Boecking – Auburn
            6. Pat – Tulane
            7. West Dickens – Auburn

            Tom Echols – LSU

            That being said, there are players in this section that didn’t make my list that deserve serious recognition for their play this year, which was the goal of my original post. I hope that clears things up Anakin Gerics, if that is your real name.

      1. Or as Veneeze Senior so elegantly puts it. BrochaCHINO!!! The manliest drink to come out of Starbucks since the failed attempt of whiskey fraps

  17. I can’t believe that no one is talking about Kris “K-Breezy” Bresette for FOTY. First of all, kid has a cannon, he can touch 98mph on the gun and was 30-32 from deep this weekend. Im also is a great defender, no on hit on a single huck when he was marking them, the first no hitter for LSU since 1997. He should also be a lock for Mr Bamasecs. Girls can’t resist my flat bill game, bama secs chix were throwing themselves all over him, but none of those chicks were hot enough for me. He averaged 19 strike outs at every tournament. Oh, and he did all of this after recovering from having Tommy John surgery on my shoulder this fall after a personal tryout for the Yankees and Rangers

    1. Quote: “kid has a cannon, HE…” “IM also is a great defender” “Girls can’t resist MY flat bill game, bama secs chix were throwing themselves all over HIM, but none of those chicks were hot enough for ME”…
      And I could go on! Looks like you/him have some serious problems. I mean…or you are like Gollum of the lord of the rings…or your english really sucks (much worst than mine).

  18. Ive already said my piece, but theres something else that I think is worth talking about.

    This year in particular, the GC took on some great coaches that elevated their teams. I dont know much about the ones that arent my own, but i’ll list off the ones I know.

    Bama: Veneeze, David Neder (former chain stud)
    Miss State: Cody Smith
    Auburn: Stephen Brandon
    UAB: Travis Midkiff
    Union: Harrison Hayes

    Im sure theres more but let me know what I missed.

    1. I don’t think Cody did much coaching due to his grad school work load. I know he didn’t attend any tournaments with them.

    1. Travis Midkiff is easily coach of the year. He did a great job with a first year team seeing as only two of their players had any prior competitive ultimate experience at all.

      1. T-bird has done a great job coaching UAB. They have come a long way since the fall. Also, Harrison at Union has done heck of a job too. Union is solid athletes now, but as he increases their ultimate swag, they will be a solid D-3 competitor for sure.

        1. It may be d3, but Union’s coach literally taught a team of guys completely Ultimate illiterate how to play. They went from nothing to competing with vandy and ms. state in one year. They didn’t know how to throw at all last year. Dude did something right.

  19. This was so much more fun when everyone was talking about how Yeti’s attitude should keep him out of the FOTY discussion.

    Since everyone else is taking liberties with nominations:

    All Down and Dirty Team
    Nate Oaks – Alabama
    Matt Bryant – Alabama
    West Dickens – Auburn
    Stewart Boyd – Auburn
    Cullen Landry – LSU
    Nard – LSU
    Pat – Tulane

    Best Hair
    BMoore – Alabama

    Shortest Guy That Will Sky Anyone In The Section
    MJ – Alabama

    All Injured/Ineligible Team
    Luca – USM
    Frodo – USM
    Hiccup – MSU
    JT – MSU
    Ryan Landry – Auburn
    Davis – Auburn
    Tom Echols – LSU

    Most Likely To Call A Foul On 8
    Greg Cousins – Tulane

    Biggest Gun You Don’t Know
    Zach Fruge – LSU

  20. Let’s hear from people on the sidelines I am pretty sure I saw Amit, JT, and Partin walking around watching a good bit of all the games. What do you guys thinks???

  21. Top 7 in no particular order
    1. Austin “Draco” Taylor – UA
    2. Brian Moore – UA (the most underrated and underrecognized player in the section, hands down. He is the best technically skilled player in the section)
    3. TJ Martin – AU
    4. West Dickens – AU
    5. Evan Boecking – AU
    6. Nard – LSU
    7. Pat – Tulane

    FOTY: Clay Tylka (Just try to score with him defending you in the red zone. PS I’ve never seen him smile and that kind of scares me.)

    This section made a lot of noise nationally this season and that didn’t happen on accident. Keep working hard. Play club. The best players in college play high level club. Invest in younger players.

    Thanks McNeil, Francis, and Rhodie for publicizing and connecting our section on a much broader scale. The posts during the series were very interesting and informative. Thanks for your time.


      1. LSU – Their performance at centex, while inconsistent with some other results they put up, merited national attention and got it. They lost to a good Colorado team in the semis and even one point cracked into Ultiworlds top 25.

        Tulane – The awesome story at SB invite may have been exaggerated, but they had many wins over quality teams.

        Also don’t forget the bit of noise Auburn and Tulane made at CCC.

        While these may be just flashes of greatness, traveling to nationals level tournaments merits this kind of attention. As a section we need to continue to pursue bids we don’t think we can get.

  22. Seeing as how I never attended a single class at any of these universities I feel like I can give a pretty good unbiased 7 based on what I saw this weekend and previous tourneys I attended.

    Top 7

    Yeti – Best player in the section, disc skills are better than anyone I’ve seen in the section. POTY. Though I have to say watching him get upset and breakdown in important games is still my favorite past time at any tourney LSU attends. Massive improvement from last year though.

    BMoore – Absolute monster in the finals against LSU. always open on his unders and a lot of points it felt like he was getting the disc every other throw. Cant remember off the top of my head any time he turned it over and was aggressive with his deep throws. he was DOMINANT this weekend.

    Draco – Plays some of the best D of anyone in the section if not the best. Defended Yeti most of the finals and did as well as anyone could. Relentless cutter all year, I’m pretty sure he was never not open. Extremely efficient given how much he touches the disc for Bama.

    TJ – Rhodie said it best when he said this guy can throw anyone open. Love that he cuts for Auburn instead of staying back and handling. Has a great first step and has huge throws out of the middle when cutting. Big and athletic makes him a great defender. One of the best all around players in the section.

    Ryan Landry – I know he didnt play at sectionals but this is an all bama secs team not an all tourney team. I dont think you can leave this guy out of the top 7, super unfortunate that he tore his acl. This guy was an absolute joy to watch play and was the best thrower on the Auburn all year. His body of work should get him in.

    Greg Cousins – If he could shore up some of his decision making (throwing the same third huck on universe on against Auburn) I think he could run away with POTY. He has it all, great D, massive throws, and he is more open on any cut he makes than anyone else in the section.

    Pat – So damn goofy looking but moves the disc FAST. I swear the disc is rarely ever in his hand for more than four seconds. Really think he is a super underrated player for Tulane. Greg and Evan get a lot of attention but Pat runs that offense. Massive throws and can get up and go get it when he needs to. One of the most fun guys to watch play in the section.

    Honorable Mention.

    Preston – an absolute beast all weekend for Bama. No one could stop him from getting the disc when he went deep

    Evan – so technically gifted but has to demand the disc more. Touches the disc far to little for as good as he is.

    Nard – Played badass D all weekend. Had a stupid great layout in the finals against Bama. Always working his ass off, love it.

    Steven Cummings – Jesus his bids just from this weekend were incredible. never gives up on a disc and is an absolute ironman. Never comes off the field. Lets be real though state just isnt that good this year.


    Jacob Griffin (Penguin) – Main handler for MSU on offense this year. Really stepped up this weekend with Hiccup and JT out. Great ultimate IQ, he’ll be a steady handler for them these next 3 years.

    1. Also coach of the year has to go to Veneeze. Nobody really thought Bama was going to win it this year it was all LSU/Tulane all year. Great job on keeping his guys focused all weekend. Bama is peaking at the right time and I dont think thats a coincidence. Great job Veneeze.

      1. ***and David Neder. Our coaches were equally helpful this season in getting us to a level that nobody thought we would reach this year.

  23. If y’all ain’t already heard, Jack Baba on Tulane has been the best freshman in the section… and it’s not even close…

    He’s got every throw in the book, plays the nicest dump d you’ll ever see, and has the poise of a 5th year senior on the field. And this is when he isn’t even trying.

    I hate to be that guy who mentions spirit, but I’ve never seen anyone put so much more emphasis on figuring out the correct call than the one that will win his team the game.

    Pick Jack Baba for FOTY, you’ll be doing your nation a great service.

    Evan – Tulane
    Yeti – LSU
    TJ -Auburn
    Pat – Tulane
    Draco – Bama
    Greg – Tulane

    thats only six, but they ball

  24. It’s amazing that Tulane has the most all section players yet got their poop chutes looted every time they played a competitive team. I’d encourage everyone to go watch the Auburn v Tulane and decide for yourself.

    1. to say Tulane gets fucked every time they play a competitive team is just flat out wrong. look at their record for the year and you will see wins against Florida, Georgia tech, UC-Davis and South Carolina, as well as close games (lost by 2 or less) with Arizona State, Alabama (Tallygate), Auburn, Cincinnati, Georgia and Carleton. In fact they arguably have as many high profile wins (Florida and Georgia Tech) than LSU (Arizona State and British Columbia) Tulane is the definition of inconsistency but they are by no means a bad team.

      1. Tulane is a significantly worse team now without Brandon Xerxes. He’s the only one on their team who made level-headed decisions with disc this season while Greg and Evan continually made the most hammered decisions that cost Tulane many games they should have won. Brandon also deserves much more recognition for all-conference, although he’ll be the first person to tell you he DGAFs.

        If you’re considering Georgia Tech and South Carolina big wins for Tulane this year, you’re drunk. Georgia Tech is noticeably down this year and South Carolina is terrible. At Southerns South Carolina lost not only to LSU, but also Chicago and Princeton in pool play and didn’t make the championship bracket. And that Florida win was in the fall at CCC, was it not? Doesn’t count.

        1. LSU also beat UCF at T-Town. But you can’t overlook Tulane’s win over UC-Davis with only 8 players that same weekend. Both teams have quality wins. I’d say LSU’s are a bit better, but an argument could be made either way. In the end though, LSU stomped Tulane in the semis…

          1. People also seem to forget that UC-Davis played that tournament without their Captain, Nex-Gen participate, All-Regional, best player Eli Kearns. Just sayin

          2. Also Tulane played without Cousins as one if the Great 8… He shows up Sunday and they tank hmmm…

  25. These comments have been pretty boring so far, so let’s spice things up a bit:

    Firstly, before he gets my nomination, I’m gonna have to know how many dicks Greg Cousins can fit inside his mouth. I’ve got a guess, but I need some validation.

    Next, can Draco effectively produce a patronus charm? If yes, what animal is it? If it’s some bitchass pussy shit like a weasel or something then he doesn’t make the top 7. Maybe if it’s a shark or a dinosaur. Can you imagine a TRex patronus? I don’t think you can, you ain’t noone, guaranteed.

    Can B Moore really be more? If you don’t get the pun get the fuck out

    I hear that this TJ Martin guy is good at ultimate, but you know what he probably isn’t good at? Dominos. I bet I could kick his ass. That’s a challenge you devilishly handsome glove-wearing son of a bitch

    We all heard Chris Partin tore his meniscus, I’ll bet it was from him getting onto his knees to blow the whole Mississippi State team. That much dick hasn’t been sucked since Michael Sam was a member of Missouri’s football team.

    People keep mentioning a guy named West from Auburn, but if his first name isn’t Kanye he isn’t a West I’d like to vote for. If he wants my vote, he’s gonna have to spit some rhymes and start banging a celebrity who can fit more dicks inside of her than Greg Cousins (and we’ve come full circle)

    POTY: Rhodie, he made two posts all year and combined they were more material than all of McNeil and Francis’ shit.

    FOTY: Definitely anybody from LSU wins the award for Fucker of the year

    Mr. and Mrs. BamaSecs:

    Who gives a shit, if we don’t make it mandatory that the winners have to do 7 minutes in heaven then this award is pointless.

      1. False. Severus Snape could produce one as a death eater. Not being able to produce a patronus come from being evil natured. Seeing how Draco ended up becoming a decent person towards the end, id bet he was able to cast a patronus by the time he was 20-22, coincidentally that is Austin’s current age bracket. Especially if a shotty witch like Luna could

        1. Snape was sent by the Order to spy on the Death Eaters so he wasn’t a real Death Eater. Maybe. There is no proof of that though.

  26. I like where this is going now.

    To begin, this “How Many Dicks Can Greg Cousins Fit in His Mouth?” Needs to be resolved first and foremost. My guess is one, and that one is strictly reserved for Garrett Yetman’s. If PoTY stands for Pussies of The Year and those two don’t split that title, then BamaSex is even more full of shit than it already is.

    People on this board sound like a bunch star fuckers as if every player in this section was the next Brodie Smith. It’s like Michael Aguilar wrote ever post that described players as “unguardable” “best throws” “no one gets open on him ever” “breaks his mark every time.” Jesus Titty-Fucking Christ, y’all. If those players were actually in this section, then where are all the Callahan nomination videos? If anything, all the players in this section are the best at dick sucking, and I’m sure LSU has plenty of dick sucking videos for the amount of closet homosexuals on that team. I mean, not only are they the biggest dicks in college ultimate, they are also the gayest team in all of ultimate (not that there’s anything wrong with that). If they don’t win FoTY Fags of The Year as a team, it will be the biggest snub since Jake and Heath not winning Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards in 2006.

    The point is, stop kissing ass and start fucking ass. Every player in this section sucks. Except for Draco. Obviously he’s doing something right. Have you seen Caroline Marsh?!?

    1. If you think the dick-sucking is bad here, you should go look at the CHIXX nomination thread. It’s worse than Brazzers over there. Some of those girls were born to slob knob on the interwebz. I’d like to go blow it up, but idk if it would go over too well if I start nominating for pussies of the year or asking how many dicks Caroline Marsh can fit in her mouth

  27. Watch these videos as they get put up and you will see a lot of these players that are being named make mistake after mistake. Its one thing if you touch the disc every other throw or two and have a drop or throwaway per game (see: Draco, Brian Moore, TJ). It is an entirely different thing if you are having 3 or 4 turnovers without a ton of possessions, or even 6 or 7 with a lot of touches (see: most of these other nominations). Do not vote for someone because they are great at practice or because you have heard great things. Watch the videos and pick the 7 you would want based on their in-game play.

    1. There may not be any videos of msstate playing, but Cummings played 90% of the points on Saturday and every point on Sunday without dropping a single disc.

  28. One player that I believe is being overlooked is David Sun from Vanderbilt. If you watch the Auburn v. Vanderbilt video, it is apparent that he is the play-maker and that the offense runs through him. He had maybe one drop, but also touches the disc, as mentioned above, almost every other throw. His throws are incredible (don’t think he threw the disc away at all), and his cuts are clean. He should be considered for the all-section line, just watch the video and decide for yourself.

  29. agreed. still waiting on video of lsu… there are serious players on that team that need to be seen before ballot goes out…

  30. Just because a player plays on a bad team doesn’t mean they aren’t all-section. In fact depending on how they played it may mean they deserve it more because they do not have the talent around them that other teams have. These guys that are being named are all-section because they are irreplaceable for their team and played like it all weekend.

    So here are the top players in this section
    1. Draco (Bama) (MHA)-great decision making and all around hard worker, definitely makes Bama the team they are
    2. Yeti (LSU)- Phenomenal talent, once he gets more experience he will be by far one of the best players to come through this section
    3. TJ Martin (Auburn)- Solid Player for Auburn with fantastic throws, hard to keep him out with how he player all weekend
    4. Greg Cousins (Tulane)- Not much bad you can say about this guy, he knows what he is doing and he does it really well.
    5. Steven Cummings (MSU)- talk about putting a team on your back, that’s what he did all weekend long, arguably the most valuable player cause of how he carried State. Also, he had some of the sickest grabs I have ever seen.
    6. Justin Hill (Ole Miss)- Sick layouts all weekend, made huge plays when Ole Miss needed it, helped them make the run in the backdoor bracket that they did. Very vital to his team, without him Ole Miss may not win a game all weekend.
    7. David Sun (Vandy)- Probably the most consistent player out everybody in the tournament and was the no doubt the reason they are going to regionals.

    1. I did not see a single player on MSU or Ole Miss that I would have over any of the following players you failed to mention:

      – Pat (Tulane)
      – Evan Walters (Tulane)
      – Blake Galloway (Auburn)
      – Evan Boecking (Auburn
      – Brian Moore (Bama)
      – Matthew Johnson (Bama)
      – Nard (LSU)
      – Fruge (LSU)

      Making good plays against weaker teams does not make someone all section. This isn’t a “most valuable to their team list”, it’s a list of the best players.

      1. That would prolly (see what I did there) be because you don’t understand what a good ultimate player looks like. B-Moore and Evan Walters are the only players that should be considered. And Evan Walters wasn’t even that impressive to be honest. That being said, Steven was extremely impressive and really stepped it up without jt and hiccup but probably didn’t do enough to merit all conference. Ole miss players Matthew riddle and justin hill deserve at least some recognition for carrying the team on their back

        1. You just reiterated my point, that no one from MSU or Ole Miss should be on the all conference. That was not a top list, rather a list of players, other than those listed in his post, that would be better selections than any player who played with Ole Miss or State this weekend. And the prolly was satirical (see what I did there)

          1. Since you “prolly” have the IQ of a drunk chimpanzee (prolly too much credit for you). Let me reiterate the point that just because a good player plays on a bad team doesn’t mean that can’t make all section. If a good player has a good supporting cast then they all make each other better, thus making the team better. If a good player who doesn’t have a good supporting cast, then there is only so much he can do. Example Kevin Durant lost Russell WestBrook in the playoffs, his field goal percentage went down and points went up. So he stayed the same, but they then got destroyed by the Grizzlies, because the Thunder were a bad team at that point. Draco makes everyone on Bama look better and vice versa, Greg makes everyone on Tulane look better and vice versa…. Are you beginning to see my point here?? Those top teams have the players to make everyone else better. Ole Miss, State, and Vandy, don’t have that, making what the top players did on those teams more impressive. Please learn how a team game works before you go and make chimpanzee-like comments.

  31. Lots of good competition at sectionals and speaking on the top 4 teams, Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Tulane, they are interchangeable between who happens to have a good game and who can execute the best. This being said, this is where i saw most of the players I feel contend for these awards the most.

    Starting with the home front Auburn University, there are so many guys I think deserve all-conference, but the ones that stand out the most:

    TJ – Has not only led out team as captain these past couple years with the help of Sir Ryan Landry but has developed into one of the strongest most versatile players on the field. Big throws, (that backhanddddd) dangerous as a deep threat cutting and able to move the disc very well not to mention one of the best handlers against a zone i’ve seen/played with.

    Blake Galloway AKA baby blues AKA MR. BAMASECS – Apart from the mesmerizing baby blues this guy carries, he is one of my favorite players to throw to. Always has amazing deep looks, and has speed that has been matched by very few. Has really developed throws to a point where he can handle comfortably when needed but also have some deep looks after consistently burning his guy play after play. Has really transformed into a complete package over this last season.

    West Dickens – Without a doubt the most underestimated unnoticed players in the sections. One of the most dangerous defensive players and have seen him shut down some of the best players in the section like it was nothing. Consistently frustrating cutters with an ability to never let them get the disc and therefore rendering them useless most of the game. Able to play point after point burn anyone that is forced into having to mark him. Without a doubt contributed to half our defensive turnovers. Real danger and threat on both sides of the disc, but also one of the nicest guys on the field!

    Stewart boyd – As stated a little previously, Stew along side of our other main cutter Davis Pierce(RIP ankle) were able to open up our field and move the disc through any type of defense. Can easily say Stew is one of the main reasons we are able to move the disc through a zone so well and one of the best at opening up the fields with throws and speedy cuts. Although he has a unique playing style consisting of strike after strike and some awesome push pass dump resets, he is one of the funniest and most enjoyable cutters to play with.

    Shout out to my boy Ryan Landry, sucks to see effort wasted this season on another injury, but his throws only keep getting better with his lack of ability to play these last months, which is saying a lot since his throws are already some of the best I’ve ever seen. Watch out next year for this guy to wreck some fools and hodagggg all over some bitches!!!


    Bmoore – Not much needed to say about B. One of the most consistent players on the field when it comes to movement of the disc. Pinpoint accuracy on his hucks and able to be a deep threat when needed. Very versatile and one of the smartest with the disc. Always fun to play against.

    Draco – Need i say anything honestly. Most athletic guy in the section without a doubt. Even against some of the toughest defenders, always able to be open at any point he wishes. Also has developed a bomb of a flick huck and one hell of a high release that makes guarding him almost impossible.

    Andrew Wick – Surprised I haven’t seen his name anywhere on this list, but playing against this dangerous lefty is always fun. Able to open up the field consistently just about as good as anyone in the section. Smart handling and able to swing and move the disc and really take control. Being a lefty seems to help but can’t attribute everything just to this. Very hard worker and very hard to mark his collection of throws. Has some bombs and even went deep several times on us making him dangerous no matter where he is on the field.

    Shoutout to MJ as well. One of the quickest most athletic young guys and would like to see how he develops in the next couple years. Already an extreme threat and has stepped up a lot this year in making some huge plays. Also hear he has been skying some fools lately!

    The trio of Bmoore, draco, and wick moving the disc is one of the hardest things to stop for anyone in my opinion. They have very good chemistry and understand what each other want more than any 3 on any team.


    Evan Walters – One of the most athletic big guys on the field, with some of the best if not the best dump/reset throws, and just a threat wherever he is. The versatility and athleticism of this guy makes it a real joy to play against and watch. Consistent and dangerous, and one of the best bigger guys in the section.

    Pat – Always tough to guard on the field with the speed and squirminess of his cuts and throws. Very good at getting open and able to move and swing the disc with the rest of the tulane crew very well. Seems like he would be very fun to play with and very athletic when it comes to wearing his guys down. Accurate throws, and a real danger when it comes to moving the disc.

    MHA – Austin “Draco” Taylor, no explanation needed, but would like to have confirmation on the validity of his PED test. Pretty sure some spell or a confounds charm was used to coverup some results.

    Freshman of the Year – Although I’ve only gotten to see him/mark him a handful of times, Tom Echlos is one of the quickest freshman/guys in our section. Marking, Excuse me, Attempting to mark and keep up with him has been one of the more difficult times i’ve had against LSU.

    Mr. & Mrs. Bama Secs – BLAKE BABY BLUE EYES SUNISHINE GALLOWAY. Anyone thinking otherwise should probably reconsider their purpose as a human being

    All-Conference Line

    1. Tj Martin
    2. Blake Galloway
    3. West DIckens
    4. Draco
    5. Wick
    6. Bmoore
    7. Pat

    People not on the line. Yeti(blah blah blah) still hate his attitude but can’t deny he has some wicked throws. Evan Walters, one of the quickest players and really able to handle and move the disc. Greg, one of the most athletic players in the section, but lost respect for how many high stall and general foul on throws he calls while still managing to be unaffected and overthrow a lot of receivers. Whether its strategy or whatever you want to call it, find it a cop out to call foul on any contact to make sure the disc stays in his hands.

    side note: douchebag of the year hands down goes to tulanes coach. One of the most disrespectful and immature people on the field, and he’s the coach. So i’ll leave it at that. Chain or not, this guy still exmplifies what i think the walking definition of douche would look like.

    1. Since you appear rather uninformed about who should be on your list and failed to recognize a single LSU player, including Yetman, and since BamaSecs has not uploaded a single LSU game from sectionals I would suggest going on to YouTube and looking at LSU’s highlight videos from CCC, T-Town, and Tally. From those videos you should gather more information about some of the better players that should be on your junk list, such as Yetman, Travis Vermaelen, Nard, and Zach Fruge.

      1. oh yessa masta. Ain’t gonna be no problems, no problems at all. You put your shoes up here I’ll shine em real nice like

  32. All Section
    1.Yeti- LSU
    2.Greg- TU
    3.Draco- UA
    4.Evan- AU
    5.West- AU
    6.BMoore- UA
    7.Pat- TU

    POTY- Draco
    ROTY- Either Dusty Register or Martin Newman of Auburn (How have they not been mentioned already)

    Mr. BamaSec- Blake

    Honorable Mention
    Auburn: Keith (KCBS), Blake, TJ
    Bama: MJ, Wick
    Tulane: Evan
    LSU: half of them

  33. Since I can’t vote I’ll vote vicariously through comment threads of course. And if anyone is putting anymore than 3 players from one team on the top 7 then you gotta be doing it wrong. I’m with whoever is lolol and y’all might be team fapping. This is a year with plenty of great players so any of these 7 are generally interchangeable.
    (Ryan Landry and Tom Echols would be on this list but I didn’t think it was fair with the injuries but they definitely would have.

    1) Brian moore (bama)
    2) Austin ‘Draco’ Taylor (bama)
    3) Yeti (Lsu)
    4) Nard (Lsu)
    5) TJ Martin (Auburn)
    6) Pat (Tulane)
    7) Evan Walters (Tulane)

    Poty is a toss up between yeti and Draco. Yeti I think has the most technical ultimate skill. But overall player that really contributed to the entire team I think Draco wins out but I know that looks biased.

    Foty- I don’t know any other teams freshman players so I’d just suggest Clay Tylka, Asian kid with a lay out D’s for bama. Stepped up and was starting o-line and stepped up to some o-line points as well.. It would have been Echols but with injury it’s hard to just give it to him.

    Everyone else is an honorable mention but could easily take any of those 7 spots but I’m not gonna explain their attributes cause y’all already did or the video footage says it all.

    Bama: Andrew Wick, Preston Thompson, Matthew Bryant, and MJ.
    Auburn: Blake Galloway, Evan Boecking, West Dickens, and Keith Meize
    Tulane: Greg
    Miss state: Cummings and JT (if he wasn’t injured he’d be in the conversation.)
    LSU: Fruge and Mullins and Echols (again, why not).

    (I can hear the complaints before I hit submit)

  34. I really should be studying for my classes tomorrow. But let’s be real. I haven’t gone to class since Wednesday, and I’m probably just gonna watch south park until 3 am tonight, then wake up at noon and throw for a few hours. Livin the dream, y’all.

    So lets do this.

    All-conference line:

    Draco (Bama)- I’ve never seen any of the Harry Potter movies. I guess I was just a deprived child. But everyone tells me that Draco was cool in those movies. Our Draco is pretty cool too. Did y’all know he got 4096 last Saturday night? Im pretty sure that’s why we won sectionals. That, and the fact that he’s a pretty good player.

    BMoore (Bama)- You can’t spell “Brian Moore” without “Roomba.” Coincidence? I don’t know. But I like Roombas, and I like Brian Moore. He’s kinda like our Roomba. He sucks in all the discs around him. And he can talk! But he costs more than $359.99, and he’s not available at J.C. Penny. If he was though, I’d buy him. I hear you get free shipping on orders over $100!

    Yeti (LSU)- I gotta give props to Yeti this year. He was the punchline of the section last year, and rightfully so. But he’s really turned his act around this year. He seemed like a pretty cool guy every time we played him, and I think he’s gonna be a sick player in the future. If you watch our pool play game against LSU, he makes a couple give and go moves at some point that are incredible. Like starter at club natties quality. He definitely has the highest ceiling of any player in this section.

    TJ (Auburn)- Sometimes TJ will send me snapchat videos of a Miley Cyrus song, and he’s staring into the camera as it plays. But the sound doesn’t work sometimes. So it’s like he’s staring into my soul. And I don’t like that. Because a stare-y TJ is a scary TJ. But he is the reason Auburn has turned itself into a program, and he deserves tons of respect for that.

    Greg (Tulane)- I remember seeing Greg at YCC’s in 2011 and thinking to myself, “Woah. That kid is a lot cooler than me.” Maybe it was the shades. Maybe it was the layouts. Maybe it was the fact that I still couldn’t grow a mustache. But it was probably just that Greg is a really good player. (And the hair. +10 style points.)

    Ryan Landry (Auburn)- It really sucks that Ryan got hurt, because he might have been Auburn’s best all-around player. Also, he got to climb onto one of those giant wind energy fan things last summer. That’s pretty cool. If I was on one of those, I’d definitely die. Probably something stupid, like I’d see an ice cream truck and jump, only to immediately regret my decision. Oh well. I guess that’s why I’m not an engineer. That, and the work. I don’t like work,

    MJ (Bama)- There are a bunch of players I could put for the last spot. Evan (Tulane), Pat (Tulane), Blazer (Globo Gym), Evan (Auburn). They are al deserving. But Mj has to have the highest hops:height ratio in the section. The kid’s like a jackhammer on LSD. He has at least 6 legitimate skies between the semis and finals. Also, I’m rooming with him next year, and I want to use this as an excuse when I forget to clean my crap up. Always thinking ahead.

    POTY: Draco. Yeti has a case here too, but Draco’s defense on Yeti in the finals was really solid. Also, look at the amount of breaks Draco throws. Not just on Yeti, on everyone. He is the reason our offense moves at all. In the games we have stats for this year, Draco was tied for the lead in goals. He was 2nd in D’s. And he had 44 assists. The next highest was 20. That should tell you something about his throws.

    FOTY: Clay Tylka (Bama)- You may not know this, but Clay and I are currently roommates. Oh, you want proof? Here’s his toothbrush and toothpaste.
    Got that Colgate brand loyalty. I prefer the Oral-B spin brushes myself. But hey, he can dig his own grave.
    Also, one time I walked in the bathroom, and Clay forgot to flush a huge poop. It was naaassssttttyyy. SUCK IT CLAY. NOW THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS WHAT YOU DID!\

    Finally, I went an entire tournament without turfing a single sc00ber. Doesn’t that earn me a pity vote? Just one? Anyone?
    Oh well. I guess I’ll go back to watching old Homestar Runner clips. So underrated.

  35. If there were 2 lines, they could scrimmage each other for a few points at the end of Regional’s Saturday pool play. It would just be a fantasy game where all the teams would come cheer for their teammates.

    ..or scrimmage another region’s all-conference line.

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