Time to cast your ballots for real.

But of course, before we vote we must first endure the annual nomination campaign of hype and hyperbole!

You were on the field, so you tell us: Who played well? Who impacted games? Who was pivotal to a team’s success? Or to the other team’s suppression? Who impressed?

In short, who deserves an All-Conference nod, or even the 2013 MHA, and why?

The comments thread is yours.

184 thoughts on “Time to cast your ballots for real.”

  1. Joe Wagner is hands down the best Ultimate player in this section. If you felt like you were able to guard him effectively please feel free to tell us about it.

    Additionally he is super cute, friendly, and supportive.

      1. He is big in the end zone…no question about it…but he got injured after less than two games…a player need to carry his team till the end.

      1. 1) I wouldn’t say no one…I got slow down by some…nobody is unbeatable. Like I said…Veneeze was one them.
        2) one player doesn’t make the whole team.

      2. and yes playing all those points on saturday slowed me down against you guys in the second half. So one of the guys from Tulane (I can’t remember the name) who was generally on me did a good job

      3. Out of all the outrageous hyperbole that goes on here, you call that comment out??? Someone claimed that a guy dunked from half court when it was obvious to everyone that his foot was over the line!

  2. Everyone’s 1st team ballot should look like this
    1. Pickle
    2. Pickle
    3. Pickle
    4. Pickle
    5. Pickle
    6. Yeah
    7. Brad Jones

  3. Have to give a shout out to TJ from Auburn. Didn’t get to play cause of food poisoning but still came out strong on Sunday even though it looked like it hurt him. Made me proud to watch him be that dedicated and can’t say I’d be able to do the same. Just sayin.

  4. The Italian from USM is good.

    The Ginger from Ole Miss is good.

    The Old Guy, the guy with long hair, the other Italian, and that guy from slytherin on Bama are good.

  5. ok let’s throw some names out there…
    1)Nathan Sims (USM) rookie which showed much improvement through the season…big deep threat!
    2)Ryan Cross (Miss State) fast and very aggressive (in a good way) in defense and he can definitely jump!
    3) Veneeze (Bama) fun to play against him…and not easy to leave him behind.

  6. How about some numbers to back these nominations up? (Whoa there, actual proof?) From LSU:

    Dylan “Pickle” Schroeder
    Played 85% of points (team high), 10 scores (2nd on team), 16 assists (2nd on team), 10 Ds (team high)

    Garrett “Yeti” Yetman (freshman)
    Played 75% of points, 4 scores, 20 assists (team high), 9 Ds (2nd on team), team scored 60% of the time he was on the field

    Dylan “Sharon” Shannon
    Played 65% of points, 213 touches (team high), 10 assists, 3 Ds

    Tim Lala (team captain)
    99% completion rate, 100% catch rate (136 touches)

    Andy “Nard Dog” Farmer
    10 scores, 6 assists, 3 Ds

    Chris Ieyoub
    3 scores, 2 assists, 6 Ds (although he claims to have gotten twice that)

    1. if you want numbers (from twitter…assists,Ds and sometimes even who scored the point are not always mentioned so number can be only higher)…
      Sims #3 usm played most of the points scoring 14 times with 2 assists. Not sure about Ds
      Luca #4 usm (yeah it’s me but since I’ve been mentioned I’ll give you the numbers) played every point exept in the first game against Union 13 scores, 6 assists, 9 Ds (I think I have few more assists and Ds but these are the 100% sure numbers)

      1. ajf102 said too bad no other team takes stats…I gave the numbers that I knew…and look above…I didn’t vote for myself…I’m not that cocky! Sorry if this bother you!

      2. I disagree. This is the all conference for the whole season. We usually get our best look at the tournament against each other, but I don’t see why players like joe or TJ should suffer in spite of the rest of the seasons results (niether are amung my top 7).

      3. —-nothing wrong with sucking yourself off….if he’s good at it and knows it.
        is he right? i’d like to know…..no teeth?

  7. LSU:
    Pickle – great cutter and defender. Very reliable
    Ieyoub – playmaker on offense and defense. Never played a game against him where he didn’t do something incredible
    Shannon – great player, makes good decisions with the disc. I’d like to see him be put in a better position to make more plays offensively based on his physical gifts.
    Yetman – very athletic and solid player with great throws.

    Ole Miss:
    High-Release Backhand Guy – stood out the most to me and was hard to stop defensively
    Morris – big, jumps high, makes plays, eyeblack, intense

    Cody – had one of the dirtiest hammers I’ve seen. Great handler and has big play potential.
    Ryan – tireless cutter and defender. Was a great spark to his team when they were down
    Stroup – he was very fun to play against and had a great attitude

    CB – duh
    Bmoore – yup
    Veneeze – mhm
    Draco – a pleasure, as always
    Shoutout to Trent and Gilley on the Dline. Very solid players and a joy to play against. Have the ability to dump reset whenever necessary

    Cousins – incredible athlete and playmaker
    I would mention others but I was too busy concentrating on keeping my body temperature at a healthy level.

    TJ – best captain that a team could ask for. Tireless cutter and defender with boomy backhand hucks. The way he came out Sunday for us was truly inspirational.

    We have a slew of rookies that have impressed me beyond expectation.
    Danny Yates, silent assassin. He’s as fast as he needs to be and plays an incredible deep deep.
    Blake Galloway. Amazing improvement from the fall. Tireless defender and lethal deep threat.
    Keith Mize. Has played through pain and injuries all year and is constantly improving his throws.
    Reid Williams. Best throws that I’ve seen for a freshman rookie.
    Garris Bugg, super soldier. That Callahan video. Not to mention he only started playing in January.

  8. Mark Schimmel from USM
    He is the main handler as he can make almost any throw and is lethal on the huck. He also can sky almost anyone and is a huge presence on defense.

  9. Patty Cakes for being the head coach on USM he may not have been the best athlete but he is a great handler and makes for a good defensive player in USM’s crazy zone D. Also don’t know of anybody else who could have done as much as he did with so few the players at USM whose program has not half the guys any other team has at tournaments props for that majorly.

    1. Is this the same coach that was quoted, responding to USM knowing the rules, as saying, “I don’t want to burden them with things they don’t want.”?

  10. Im calling shenanigans on all this. There is absolutely way too much love going around. Everyone afraid to get your hands dirty and hurt your chances? You can’t all possibly think that everyone is great and everyone you play against is awesome and blah blah circle jerk. Post your top 7 and don’t apologize.
    I’ll start: Tim Brady > Michael Schulz for POTY because he only barely got skied by Schulz 5 times

  11. So I know someone who played good D against Joe Wagner. Regionals did. Bummer, Vandy. Sucks to suck.

    With the obligatory “Vandy sucks” out of the way, here are my top 7.

    1. Pickle (LSU)
    2. Nard-Dawg (LSU)
    3. Cryeoub (LSU)
    4. CB (Bama)
    5. BMoore (Bama)
    6. Hardman (Bama)
    7. Myron Hardy (#1 in our hearts)

    Ill let y’all hyperbolize whoever you want for that 7th spot, but these 6 are just a cut above the rest. That’s all there is to it.

    And one last thing. Suck it Vandy. Maybe next year we’ll get 8 bids.

  12. 1. CB (Bama)
    2. BMoore (Bama)
    3. Veneeze (Bama)
    4. Ieyoub (LSU)
    5. Sharon (LSU)
    6. Cousins (Tulane)
    7. Walter (Tulane) FOTY

    Pickle and Nard Dog and Luca and anyone else mentioned thus far are not as good as these guys (at least they didn’t demonstrate it at Sectionals). Joe Wagner would be on this list, but he got hurt.

    1. First off, myron hardy not being on this list is ridiculous. dude can windmill 360 dunked from half court. Second, saying pickle is not as good as those listed makes you sound very uninformed. I’m pretty sure he has been making first team all section before you started playing. The question is whether he is POTY not should be be first team

      1. I’m just basing it off what I saw, not off former years or this blog post. Just because he made it in years past has nothing to do with how good he played this year. It’s not a popularity contest. I don’t know every player’s name and I don’t really care to learn just so I can sound “informed” when I vote on BamaSecs.

      2. You are not uninformed because you don’t know everyone’s name, or even because who you put in your top 7. you are uninformed because of what you said afterward. you said that those players were not only better than pickle but showed it at sectionals. Pickle is arguably the most complete player in this section. He plays nearly every point, can play in the air and put it deep. He guards the other teams best cutter on D, and then turns around and is the main cutter on offense. He has been one of the best players in this section for years now and had the best tournament for any of the Lsu players. Oh and he has the stats to prove it! Maybe if you were reading the other post and getting to know other players you would have seen Milkman’s post above that proves this.

      3. Pickle is good, but he hasn’t felt like their main threat all year in our games. He seemed comfortable but didn’t demonstrate dominance. Sounds fairly informed.

      4. It’s fine if you didn’t think pickle dominated against your team, that’s why I’m telling you that he has been a top player all year. To say that he didn’t show at sectionals after posting BY FAR the best numbers for the team is asinine.
        (Dylan “Pickle” Schroeder
        Played 85% of points (team high), 10 scores (2nd on team), 16 assists (2nd on team), 10 Ds (team high). (Milkman didn’t even post his overall Player Value which was almost ten points higher than the next player on the team)
        Again, he is doing all this while guarding the other teams best player. None of this matters though, he get first team anyway, I’m just trying to show you why he actually deserves it.

        Oh and your Brady/Schulz argument is stupid. I mean who actually wants to play with Schulz?

  13. Bama:
    BMoore- he conducted the offense all weekend
    Draco- tireless cutter and played tight defense all weekend, played more points than anyone on our team
    Veneeze- he cuts and cuts and cuts and no one can ever stop him
    CB- solid player both cutting and handling, he didn’t even have to throw that many hammers this year

    Pickle- good all around athlete on O and D, a force in the air

    TJ- great player all season and came out strong against us on Sunday despite having food poisoning the day before
    Ryan Landry- the hub of the Auburn O line, his presence allows some other guys to fill roles they better fit

    Chris Partin- excellent deep guy, made big plays in the air all weekend
    Mark Schimmel- the handling core for Black Gold, they would be a much different team without him

    One of the freshmen on Bama’s team, Kevin Allen, really stepped up late in the season. After a few injuries and changing of roles for different players, we needed another consistent player on our O-line. Kevin had some experience playing before he got to us, but because he is so coachable, he was able to grow into a solid college level O-line player. He does not make a lot of big plays but is confident and patient with the disc in his hands. He played almost every offensive point and I believe only had one turnover on the weekend, which is better than a lot of players in this conference can say.

    1. Totally agree on Mark Schimmel…I tried to count the assists on our tweets but many were missing so it would be a biased info. We will definitely miss him next year. As for Partin unfortunately he got injured against Bama and didn’t play Tulane but he is another big guy for us!

  14. top 7:
    CB AL, Vaneeze AL, BMoore AL, Hardman AL, Sharon LSU, Cousins TU, Walter TU

    second 7 (sorry dirty):
    Draco AL, Pickle LSU, Nard LSU, Cody MSU, Partin USM, Pat Dougherty TU, Brandon Xuereb TU

    just missed:
    Wagner (haven’t seen you this year, too bad for the injury), TJ (haven’t seen you much either, bummer), Leyoub, Cullen, Lala, Yeti*

    FOTY: Walter TU (It shouldn’t be close. Maybe you didn’t know he was a freshman.)

    The region is top heavy (5 AL, 7 LSU, 2 TU) and I believe it should show in the all section team this year, just as it has in years past.

    *I voted for Brady over Schultz (sorry dirty) because I want to play with Brady and not Shultz. If I were picking a line in bama secs, the above listed are the choices I want for my line. Yeti is good, but he will never make my top 7 if he acts like an ass as he did this weekend. Schultz at least made my team.

  15. Here are the top performances I saw this weekend:

    LSU: Pickle is LSU’s biggest play maker. You need a D, he’s your man. You need a sky – done.
    Ieyoub is LSU’s most consistent player. He protects the disc better than anyone else on that team. Plays at the highest level every time he takes the field.
    Sharon controls the game for LSU, and the team goes as he goes. Without him, I’m not sure they make the finals on Sunday.

    USM: Chris Partin – reminds me a lot of Pickle. All around athlete and one of the nicest guys I have played against. USM was a different team after he got hurt.

    Vandy: Joe Wagner – While I don’t think he is the best ultimate player in the section, I certainly think he was the toughest match-up we faced all weekend. Joe absolutely killed us deep. We simply could not stop him. However, I think teams like LSU and USM are better equipped to handle Joe’s height and athleticism. To be clear, I’m not knocking Joe. I put him in the top 5 players in the conference, just not #1.

    Tulane: Greg Cousins – All around great ultimate player. Has the throws, skies, and defense. He reminds me a lot of Veneeze, and that’s as high of praise as I can give someone.

    #8 (help me on the name) – His hucks killed us in Tally. He was the player we were most focused on coming into sectionals. Tulane is a different team when his hucks start hitting.

    Bama: I think Michael Venezia is our best player. One of the hardest players to cover in the conference, and his throws make him a huge threat whether he goes deep or under. Played both ways and was equally effective on both sides of the disc. Veneeze is my vote for POTY.
    Brian Moore: Controlled the game from the handler position. Our entire offense flowed through his hands, and we were at our best when Brian was at his.

    FOTY: There are two players who really stood out to me (one of whose name I don’t know – help me out Tulane).

    1. The guy on Tulane who guarded me almost all game (dark hair, mohawk). He’s one of those players you might not notice as much, because he is too busy shutting people down to get D’s. I did not face a tougher, more tenacious defender all weekend. Whether I was cutting or handling, he was in my back pocket. I know more people are talking about the guy who handled, but my mohawked friend blew me away.

    2. Garret (LSU) – He only played half the game against us because he was sick all weekend and running a fever, but I have seen him play 2-3 times this season. Truth be told, I think Garret may be the most naturally gifted player in the conference. His throws, skies, and athletic ability are off the charts. His only problem is his ego is shockingly large. Garret – we all know how good you are. Quit trying to prove it to everyone. Your potential is as high as any player in college ultimate. Don’t ruin that by being incredulous every time someone calls something on you, talking shit after your team loses, and generally behaving like a child. Nut-up, and become one of the top ultimate players in the country. You have that kind of ability. The ultimate community is small. You will enjoy it a lot more if you make more friends than enemies.

    1. Next you’re going to try and tell me Brodie Smith never won a Callahan just because people didn’t like him…..oh wait

  16. 1. CB (Bama)
    2. Brian Moore (Bama)
    3. Veneeze (Bama)
    4. Pickle (LSU)
    5. Sharon (LSU)
    6. Chris Partin (USM)
    7. Greg Cousins (TU)

    The last two were a toss up between 5-6 players including Hardman, Pat (TU), TJ (AU), and Nard Dog. I chose the two that I did due to the big athletic plays i’ve seen them consistently make over the year.

    Evan Walter for FOTY – It’s almost like he was on the Jr worlds team with Junior worlds, Jr. But you would never know because he didn’t always wear his jersey and was an overall pleasant human being

  17. I vote Luca (usm) worst English in the conference. Also Nathan Sims proved he was the strongest freshmen this weekend. Despite whether or not you vote for him, you know he embarrassed someone on your team.

  18. Because people from my team were shit talking to his team during the semis against lsu so now he will give crap to our posts

  19. This would be a lot easier to do if everyone in the section got to play each other or at least see everyone play. But I’ll do my best at who I have seen play at the highest level in our section.

    Brandon Xereob? #99 Tulane – Dude is a flat out baller and quick as hell

    TJ Martin Auburn – He played great when healthy and size makes him that much more dangerous.

    Dylan Schroeder LSU – I always single him out to guard him, because he is dangerous on the field

    Dylan Shannon LSU – One of the best handlers we’ve ever had in the conference. Great with the disc and not a defensive liability

    Brian Moore Bama – Watched him progress into a solid all-around player with very few holes in his game.

    Cody Smith State – 2-way player with the ability to blow a game wide open

    Mark Schimmel USM – Solid, solid player with big play ability. Plays his butt off always and does what his team needs him to do.

    Freshman/Rookie of the year

    “Yeti” LSU – This dude balled out and he talked a little trash too while he guarded me. That always makes ultimate fun.

    Amit Tzivion Ole Miss – Great all-around player and future centerpiece of Ole Miss and the key part to the youth going on in Oxford.

    Garris Auburn – Not only does he kinda look like former State player/ current Ole Miss coach Hunter Murray, but this dude is developing into a solid defender able to shut down the best in the section. His height, length, and aggressiveness is noticeable.

    Tanner Robinson State – The little guy from State does not back down from a challenge and hustles his butt off all over the field. He can even throw with both hands.

    Fantasy Award for Most Improved Player in the Section

    Trey “T-Weezy” Williams Auburn – The emotional leader on Auburn’s team and easily the most noticeable (some of you don’t like him, but whatever). His abilities on the field have made the biggest jump out of anyone in the conference and he came up with some huge layout D’s in the most clutch moments of big games.

  20. Top 7:
    Veneeze (Bama) POTY
    CB (Bama)
    Bmoore (Bama)
    Cousins (Tulane)
    Pickle (LSU)
    Ieyoub (LSU)
    Sharon (LSU)

    Honorable mentions: Joe (Vandy), Hardman (Bama), Draco (Bama), Ryan Landry (Auburn), Cody (MSU), Partin (USM), and the plethora of quick Tulane guys

  21. Echoing Pat, I know there are probably players that deserve recognition, but because of this year’s schedule, I haven’t been able to see them play. Anyways, here are a few players that caught my eye this weekend.

    From Bama:
    CB is obvious. His throws and quickness make him one of Bama’s most potent threats. Whether he’s cutting or handling, he can hurt you.
    Veneeze is also obvious. He’s one of the hardest players to guard in the section. He can beat you with his throws, his speed and his ups. Great all around player.
    Hardman and Bmoore are always contenders. They both are athletic and have throws as well.
    Draco has also impressed throughout the season. Many times I’ve watched him shred our defense getting in cut after in cut.

    As far as LSU goes… Well start with Pickle and Sharon. I mean, yeah. Also, whoever was guarding me (I think it was Lala, but I could be wrong) really impressed me this weekend. When he was guarding me, I knew I’d better run through every disc because he was right there poised for a layout. Yeti is very athletic, although my lasting memory of him is when he cussed out an observer over a call…

    After playing USM what seems like 20 times this season, Chris stands out as one of their key playmakers. He has throws and is fast and is absurdly good in the air.

    Unfortunately, Wagner got hurt before we were played Vandy, so I didn’t get to see him play. Although from what I’ve heard, it sounds like he could have made life quite difficult for us if he had.

    As far as Tulane is concerned, well I’ll say Evan Walter for FOTY. In addition to being an incredible ultimate player, he’s a genuinely awesome person to be around.Ben Lamport plays incredible defense, and has the most layout D’s on our team hands down. Patrick Dougherty is one of the most dynamic players on out team. He is annoyingly quick as a handler and has some incredible hucks.

  22. 1) BMoore (Bama)
    2) Veneeze (Bama) POTY
    3) CB (Bama)
    4) Pickle (LSU)
    5) Cousins (Tulane)
    6) TJ (Auburn)
    7) Ryan Landry (Auburn)

    FOTY: Blake Galloway (Auburn)

  23. I think it would be unfair to name players on teams who I haven’t played this year, so I’m going to write down the top 7 players I have played.

    1. Ryan (auburn) – fast, smart, and extremely hard to guard. Leat year was one of their best cutters, now hes a main handeler? complete player. Also, he’s one of the nicest guys in the section.

    2. Chris (usm) – you don’t want to throw it to where he is in the zone. He is the vocal leader of the team, and makes the big plays in big moments to back it up.

    3. Pickle (LSU) – I’ve never had the chance to guard him, but it looks really hard. He has the throws, and cuts on o and the paitence on d.

    4. Mark (usm) – you don’t really notice he is on the field until he throws his 4 th perfect huck for a score on you. He is a very level headed and calm player, and doesn’t force anything.

    5. Chris I-ooob (LSU) – I knew him as that guy that layed out for everything my freshman year. 2 years later, I know him as that guy that lays out for everything. Never gives up on a play, and always a fun player to try and guard.

    6. Brian (TSUN) – he is a gentle giant off the field and a not gentle giant on the field. He can out run, and out jump most players, and will really hurt you on d if you throw it his way.

    7. Cody (MSU) – the guy who got me started in ultimate. I try to guard him at practice because I know you have to guard the best to get better. He can truly play any position on the field, o or d. He has played through some nagging injuries all year, and has played at an extremely high level. He is a leader, motivator, and just an all around good guy once you get to know him.

    (FOTY) – JT Williams, brudder. JT came in as a freshman already knowing how to play ho, vert, zone, everything. He is on his way to becoming a huge part of darkhorse ultimate. He is a smart productive player who knows what to do in certain citations.

    (MHA) – auburn. This team broke my heart last year, and then again this year, but credit is due where credit is due. This team has gotten sooooooo much better over the last 2 years. With the passing of one of their players, auburn, I feel, became a real team of brothers. A team that would work extremely hard to reach their goals. Also they have fun when they play, something I feel that is being lost in this sport. As much misery as auburn has cost me, they are my vote for player of the year.

  24. 1. Veneeze (Bama)
    2. CB (Bama)
    3. BMoore (Bama)
    4. Sharon (LSU)
    5. Cousins (Tulane)
    6. TJ (Auburn) POTY
    7. Ryan Landry (Auburn)
    FOTY: Blake Galloway (Auburn)

  25. I really want to bring back the all freshman team this year. This crop of n00bz is probably the best bamasecs has ever seen-
    Jr Worlds, Jr- LSU
    Evan- Tulane
    JT- MSU
    Amit- Ole Miss
    Matt Riddle- Ole Miss
    That tall kid from USM
    Blake- Aub

    There are probably a few more, but these guys all caught my eye at some point during the year.

    A word of caution to you 7- don’t let accolades go to your head. The winners from the last 4 years have yet to make the all-section team (although I think Draco will have a shot at it in the next 2 years). Keep working hard.

  26. I will make things easier for everyone.

    First, eliminate every player whose team did not finish top 3 in the Conference. The Gulf Coast Conference is arguably the weakest in the nation, and 100% the weakest in the region. If you can’t carry your team to a top 3 finish, you don’t deserve to be on the list. Teams that finished 4th-last, do not have “unguardable” players on their team.

    Second, eliminate Chris Browning and Yeti from the conversation. Spirit of the Game is an important aspect of Ultimate, and these two guys are some of the worst spirited players I have ever come across. These two POS make Mike Schulz look like a poster child for “National Sportsmanship Day”, and that is saying something because Schulz is a Thug POS.

    Third, O’Doyle rules!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eXSIsNS4tw

    Always sweeping the leg,

    1. Woah there champ. Just cuz people can’t get the rules right and CB has to go all orange jersey on them doesn’t make him poorly spirited, and also as much hate as J Dubs Jr. is getting, he didn’t seem like a sociopath in our game. Just sayin.

    2. So if players like Nick Lance, Jimmy Mickle,…went to a school in our conference with a weak team you wouldn’t want them in the All-conference? That would be a very smart choice!!!

    3. I’m gonna call bs. I might have only gotten to play against bama once this season but cb wasn’t unspirited at all. Competitive maybe but realistically we all are.

  27. Simply put….

    1) Veneeze POTY – I honestly think he would be a top player at any “good” ultimate school but i’m super happy he’s not going to one.
    2) Mr. Ceebee – He didn’t even need all his hammers this time!
    3) Brian Moore – And ye tho he walk through the valley of death Brian Moore shall fear no evil.
    4) Pickle – Covered him for two years now and i’m slowly realizing that my expectations for how well i’ll do against him are a little obsurd.
    5) Draco – Its like he’s got some sort of bomb that will explode if he ever slows down.
    6) TJ – He came back from an IV drip and made some plays that were just ridiculous.
    7) Cousins – True leader in a game where both of are mascots were water related. (Try and find another time thats happened)

    Honorable mentions:

    Joe – It was my job to do something about him and it didn’t work. End of story.
    Chris Partin – True fighter on the field. Could be a great club player had he not be stuck with the unfortunate task of living in Mississippi.

    FOTY – Tim Brady

  28. 1. Ryan Landry (AU) (POTY)
    2. TJ Martin(AU)
    3. Trey Williams(AU)
    4. Andrew Ruffing(AU)
    5. Stewart Boyd(AU)
    6. Wes Matthews(AU)
    7. Evan Boecking(AU)

    ROY- Tie between all Auburn Rooks.

  29. –my two cents…..top 7 all section seems kinda pointless, especially for this section…..let’s spice things up.
    am i right?

    1…..brad jones’ b-hole…..nothing has put out more for state
    2…..dumbass…..because he still owes me money
    3…..dan marsh…..still best throws in the section/region/world/universe
    4…..the guy chris browning spiked on…..that was a great D bid
    5…..zeke…..so resilient in not responding to all the shit talk on here
    6…..myron hardy…..WWMHD

  30. Have y’all heard of Nathan Sims? He’s a Freshman at Southern Miss. You probably saw him playing a majority of points. You probably also saw him above you as he was skying your entire team in the end zone (I’m looking at you Tulane). He just started playing Ultimate when he got to USM and had a heck of a year.

    What do we base FOTY off of? Yeti is a heck of a player, but is anyone surprised by that? How long has the guy been playing? He was supposed to be good. Sims is completely new to Ultimate and dominated. He skyed some amazing players from Bama, LSU, Tulane, State, OM, Vandy, and other teams throughout the season.

    So maybe he’s just the best player you’ve never heard of, but he’s got my vote for FotY. He had no expectations coming in and ran all over whoever we played. His deep threat gave us a great escape when the stall count got high and I believe he deserves Freshman of the Year.

    1. Great argument for FOTY. Using that logic no one should vote for CB for POTY for the last two years because he has been playing club prior and is wwaaayyy older than everyone else

      1. If you really don’t see the difference in Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year, I don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps you should nominate an amazing player for Player of the Year. Freshman of the Year, on the other hand, should go to the Freshman who showed up and took charge of Bama Secs. And Sims did that in every game.

    2. I think he is trying to tell you that the vote should be for the best (you know, someone who has a flick after catching the deep). Sims is solid. Hope he plays club.

      1. That’s actually the opposite of what he said. He said dont vote for one guy for FOTY because he was already really good before this year:

        “Yeti is a heck of a player, but is anyone surprised by that? How long has the guy been playing? He was supposed to be good.”

  31. Veneze – POTY
    Time and time again people joke about how they have some guy on their team who no one can guard, that gets open every time, and that is the best guy in merica’. The problem is that they are not talking about Veneze. I can count the number of times that I looked him off because he was covered this year on one hand and it didn’t happen once last weekend. Teams try to force him deep, under, or play straight up, and every time he destroys them. He kills everyone deep not only by skying them but with his huge hucks too. If you think that he is not the best player in the conference you should try to find a player to contain him (because you sure won’t be able to stop him) next time you play against Veneze and then let me know how that goes. But I can already tell you that it will not be pretty for you.

    Evan Walter – FOTY
    After seeing Evan play a few times I had to ask Drew who the grad student who played at georgia was before Tally was over. Drew then told me that he was just a freshman. Nuff said.

    1. BillMFScott’s official Section Nasty Mix

      1.) pickle- always getting that Twinkie stinky
      2.) Sharon- king of snatch burping
      3.) cryoub- you should see where he puts his boogers on chix
      4.) Myron Hardy- homie got some sick butterfly knife skillz
      5.) Pangywen- mmmmmmmm
      6.) Pangywen- mmmmmmmm
      7.) Pangywen- mmmmmmmm

  32. I know nobody wants to hear more long winded opinions but here it goes anyways.

    CB-everyone already knows everything about him so there isn’t much more to say except that he’s 29 and really loves the game and it shows with his throws and his cutting and everything else. All-around great player who really does not need any introductions.
    Bmoore-doesn’t get enough talk except that he is good. But more specifically, his knowledge of the game and his pure athleticism makes him a quiet threat and I wish he’d get even more recognition.
    Draco-This kid is a crazy athlete who never stops churning and is always threat on both sides of the disc. Next year he will be right next to Bmoore and I’m sure he will come out looking like the top contender.

    Sharon-great player who has every skill you can think of and his handling dump reset mobility is the best I’ve seen. Definitely a player that doesn’t need an intro as well.
    Pickle-cant say enough of pickle cause he is another player who is the heart of that team on both sides of the disc that is incredibly hard to handle. He makes defenders looks miserable and that’s hard to do.
    Yeti-probably should get foty based off of pure athleticism and ultimate skillset cause I’ve seen some ridiculous plays by him. Hopefully the attitude or ego or whatever will lesson over the years cause he has a lot to offer and a future and current force to reckoned with.

    Greg-he has been one of my favorite players to watch cause his pure athleticism, cutting, deep bids and everything in between is just fun to watch. I wish I got to see more cause he is an impressive player to watch.
    There is another player and I’m not sure of his name but he was incredibly impressive and I promise ill vote for you when I figure it out. My bad.

    TJ-already said plenty about him on and off this website and still can’t say enough. I’ve never played somebody who worked so hard after going through what he did. He is a leader on and off the field and his YouTube videos are pretty killer. But I’m obviously biased.

    Joe Wagner-everyone is giving crap cause he got injured or whatever else which is understandable and not at the same time. Regardless, when he played us, it was incredibly impressive to watch him make plays that even someone his size, height, and everything should not have been able to make. I think in years to come (I’m not sure how old you are so sorry if this is the last year) he will be a great all around dominant player. I only saw a small amount but I got my money’s worth.

    Any of the Mississippi teams. I never got to play or even watch you guys so I can’t give an opinion but I know there are some great players over there that are worth mentioning. Also, Gilly and Trent don’t get enough comments as well (from Bama) cause they are the leaders and constant impact players of the defense and we could do it without them. Also from usm-Luca and #99 who’s name I keep forgetting, y’all have made an incredible impact and are a huge reason y’all did well. Without y’all Im not sure what your results would have been. And lastly for this long as post, Ryan Landry, stu, and brad from auburn. I could mention a lot of your teammates but y’all always stick out to me cause of your abilities and your ability to motivate your entire team. That’s my long long thoughts.

  33. If I’m not mistaken FOTY, POTY, 1st Team All-Section, etc. are all ‘supposed’ to be who the BEST player is in each respective category. But, people seem to forget about the skill/talent level and base it off of popularity and how nice people are, which simply should not be the case. When you look at all of the freshman in the section, there is NO doubt that the best freshman class is from LSU. Hands down. The freshman on the LSU team consist of Travis Vermaelen-don’t fux with him on D and Mr. Relentless, Dale Melancon- solid player, great throws, and will roast the fuck out of any player in the section slash, Zach Frugé- huge deep threat, big throws, and great hands, Brian Mart- now knows his roll, and doesn’t over do it, and Garrett Yetman. There’s no question that FOTY should come from LSU. But, if I don’t get FOTY and I lose it to Evan Walter because he’s nice to everyone and I’m not afraid to tell you how it is, then that’s bullshit. Sorry, but it is. Base your decision off of who the best freshman IS, not who the nicest is. No disrespects to Evan, because he is a great player and I’ve learned his style and I’ve played with him. CB said it himself that I am the most naturally gifted player in the conference and everyone respects the voice of CB. So fucking base your decisions on each category off of who the BEST player is. I’m sick of hearing that I’m not getting FOTY because of my attitude in the ole miss game. I fucking played my ass off this past weekend through having a fever and I fucking balled out and so did my teammates.

    1. I don’t think I’ve seen someone sabotage their own chances at an award this bad since Cole made that YouTube “Decision” Callahan video.

    2. It’s true. Yeti is so good that LSU only lost by three to Ole Miss (a team that starts three freshman). This award is also really important so lets lose our shit over it

  34. After watching most of the action on Saturday, and catching limited action on Sunday (due to weather), my vote for All Conference would be for nobody. The play most of the weekend was sloppy, with no real team looking head and shoulders above the competition. I’d be very surprised if the teams that qualified for regionals didn’t finish in the bottom half of the tournament. The last time I’ve witnessed such failure was seeing Vandy’s team try to win a game that actually matters.

    That being said, if there was a gun to my head, here is my top 7.

    1.) Pickle – This guy is just a breathing machine for his dick
    2.) CB – Hitler, Stalin, and CB are in a room together. You have a gun with two bullets. What do you do?
    3.) Myron Hardy – butterfly knife skills aside, Hardy is the only guy to legitimately be in a Top 5 list http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/news?slug=ycn-10764065
    4.) Drew – His frisbee skills are terrible. His post are worse, but he can white knight like nobody’s business.
    5.) Zeke – The best Vandy player in school history. 9th best on the USM team.
    6.) Schulz – Groomed in the A-house, this boy got the pedigree for POTY
    7.) Joe Wagner – His skills are like a 40-degree day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENdnlBdvM-4

  35. FRESHMAN of the year: If you can’t go up this is person and call him a FRESHMAN without it feeling like you fucked your sister, he is NOT a freshman.

    YETI – you do not deserve to win anything. You don’t deserve to be even mentioned for any type of award. If you think you can act immature, call people out, use a fever as a reason to not playing the Finals, and then expect to be mentioned with people who put their head down, work hard, lift others up, be a positive force on their team (ALL OF THESE THINGS I AM SURE YOU ARE NOT), then you are a fucking idiot. All of the reasons that make you THINK you deserve an award are negated for you immaturity, you’re pettiness, you’re lack of spirit, negativity, and you’re drama queen and entitled persona. You’re doing the rest of the outstanding freshman class at LSU disservice for trumping yourself up.

    All Conference:
    Veneeze (Bama)
    Sharon (LSU)
    CB (Bama)
    Pickle (LSU)
    (the rest can go fuck themselves.)

    FOTY: NOT Yeti

    1. A lack of maturity has just been shown upon yourself with this post. I’m not so sure anything I have done amounts to what you make it out to be. But hey, thanks man.

  36. Disclaimer: Haven’t played Ms State or Ole Miss this year so they won’t be mentioned.

    That being said, I agree with Drew, top 7 should probably come from 3 teams: Bama, LSU, and Tulane, maybe Aubs.

    Bama: Bmoore, Young Neezy, CB, Draco, and Gilstrap
    LSU: Sharon, PIckle, Ieyoub
    Tulane: Greg and Cousins

    Some variation of that should probably be top 7:
    Neeze (POTY)
    Draco belongs here but he probably won’t get it because I don’t think 4 players from one team ever happens. That’s alright though, he’ll probably get over it when he wins POTY next year.

    Ryan Landry and TJ just barely miss out.

    As much as I hate to agree with the whiny man child above (his social incompetence is truly astounding btw), I think FOTY should go to the best player. So he’ll get my vote. Otherwise Evan deserves it. Had a lot of fun playing against him on Tulane. The guy USM is hyping up is a great athlete, but not a great ultimate player.

    1. Apparently Greg and Cousins are the same person, a person named Greg Cousins. I meant Greg and Pat. Pat is the taller, dweeby looking center hander for Tulane, ya?

  37. Top 7 should come from the top four teams in the championship bracket. These TOP 7 are the reason why their teams made it to the TOP bracket of the tournament. I’m okay without seeing a single name from MSU or any other school who did not make the championship bracket not represented in the Top 7.

    Bama squad is full of great players, but what makes them the reigning section champs is their ability to play together. Teams who have played them know this and will be able to give a better opinion of which player(s) make help those wheels turn. I only saw them play one full game versus UCF. CB, Bmoore and Veneeze are their stand out players to me.

    LSU- Shannon (Sharon, Dylan, Cyclops Hat) is their top guy and deserves a spot in the top seven of the section.
    “Nard Dog” “Pickle” and Chris are great assets to this team. These guys are worth consideration in your ballot.
    Yeti at least has the balls to come on here and speak his mind and not hide behind some false name unlike the majority of the post on this thread. So I commend him for that. You can not doubt his playing skill and competitiveness. Games get heated and emotions flow during games (believe me I know). He’s one of the YOUNGEST players around. I’m not here to back him up or excuse his actions, I’m here to remind you to give the kid the benefit of the doubt. His emotions and temper haven’t caught up to his skill set yet. He’s got some maturing to do and so do a lot of you apparently.

    Auburn- Brad Smith is as solid and smart of a player as they come in this section. Consistent smart throws is his game. Very few players in this sections rival him in this sense.
    Ryan Landry’s play speaks for itself. His throws during our game were ridiculous. His cuts were sharp and quick and their offense ran through this guy. He is one of the big reasons Aubi has rebounded from last year.

    Tulane- Only got the chance to watch these guys play this season. I do not know any names or anything special about this team. I do know they must have some pretty descent players on their team to accomplish what they have done this year.

    Top 7
    1. CB
    2. Sharon
    3. Brad Smith
    4. Veneeze
    5. Bmoore
    6. Tulane
    7. Tulane

    POTY- No clue.

    FOTY- No idea. Only kids I knew were a freshman for sure and stood out to me was Yeti and an Auburn kid. (freshman should be made to wear things indicating they are a freshman because i have no idea who was a freshman and who was not)

  38. Here is how I ended up voting:

    1. Michael Venezia (Bama) * POTY
    2. Brian Moore (Bama)
    3. Greg Cousins (Tulane)
    4. Joe Wagner (Tulane)
    5. Pickle (LSU)
    6. Sharon (LSU)
    7. Chris Partin (USM)

    FOTY – Garrett Yetman (LSU)

    I debated a bit on Garrett, but what it came down to for me was that I truly believe he is the best freshman ultimate player in the conference. The first time I saw him play with LSU was at CCC this fall against UCF. This was before Sharon was back, so Garret was shouldering a huge load of the disc duties. LSU lost by 6, but Garrett played great. He was getting the disc at will against one of the top defensive teams in the country, and making big throw after big throw. I don’t think you could go wrong voting for either of the big time freshman on Tulane (Evan Walter and Ben Lamport), but when it comes to being the best freshman ultimate player Yeti got my vote.

  39. Two players on Ole Miss have a lot in common. Both are big tall gingers. Both know how to fly and continually skied some of the best players in the section this year. Both are great guys who were a lot of fun to play with and were big time leaders for us this year. Brian Morris and Brian Garrott, in my opinion, can play ultimate with anyone and were a big part of turning the Ole Miss team around this year.

    Also, for freshman, Amit Tzivion and Kyle Cate are great players. Kyle was new to competitive ultimate this year and put up some big numbers for us. He was the skinny blonde kid making huge grabs in the air, probably averaged around 4 scores a game. I have played with Amit since high school and he is definitely the most versatile player I have ever seen. He is hard to guard, really athletic, and super solid with the disc. They are both also great guys with a lot of love for the game.

    A lot of other guys from our team deserve some attention, but hopefully this section will see that next season. Also, Hunter Murray for coach of the year.

    1. I second Hunter Murray for coach of the year. He has completely turned Ole Miss’s program around. I can’t wait to see what he’ll bring next year.

    2. I hope “Riddle” is actually the guys name and not the promise of an entertaining joke, because if so, that was the worst preformance since Jim Carrey in Batman Forever

  40. I try to stay away from BamaSecs every year because I choose not to put a lot of stock in individual awards in a sport that (at the highest level, into which the top teams in this section are undoubtedly trying to break) promotes the concept of “team” more than many others. However, I was made aware of some of the pettiness that has been a part of this year’s discussion, and I have felt the need to make my (somewhat insignificant) opinions heard.

    First things first, the reason Bama has built up the best program in this section is their undeniable ability to play as a team. Obviously, the talent is there with guys like Moore, CB, Draco, Venezia (very disappointed that he didn’t participate much in the championship), but even guys like Gilly, Hardman, and Trent work their asses off without receiving the same type of recognition that their teammates get. I truly commend y’all in what y’all have been able to accomplish since I have been a part of this section.

    My main reason for coming onto this board is to back up my man Garrett Yetman for FOTY. His stats have already been posted twice, so we don’t have to see that again. As someone who has dealt closely with Yeti for nearly two years now, I have no problem admitting that the kid has a ton of growing up to do. Even with regard to his play on the field, he has room to improve greatly, which should be terrifying to the world of college ultimate. However, there is little doubt that he is the best freshman in the Gulf Coast. Does he have an ego? Hell yeah. Does he understand the landscape of college ultimate? No. Is he out here to make friends with everyone and make you feel good about yourself? No. This, however, whether you like it or not, is what makes him a great competitor and great at our sport. He exudes confidence and expects greatness out of himself. This attribute, as he matures, will be what makes him one of the best players in ultimate in the years to come. You don’t have to like him or want to go have a drink with him, but you owe this sport the opportunity to recognize greatness on the field when it hits you in the face.

    Additionally, I would like to endorse Dylan Schroeder (Pickle) for POTY. His stats speak for themselves and the recognition he has received on here up ’til now is warranted. He plays every meaningful point. He has all the hucks. He shuts down anyone he faces. He is nearly unguardable in the field. I believe he is the most complete player in the section, and his play this past weekend exemplified that.

    Finally, I want to commend Tulane on giving us one of the most exciting games of my ultimate career in the semi-final. That game brought out all of the great aspects of our sport from excellent plays to two terrific comebacks to great tactical adjustments by both teams. I have seen your program grow from almost nothing to one of the best in the section right in front of my eyes, and that only makes springtime more fun year-in-year-out.

  41. 1. CB-Bama
    2. Veneeze-Bama
    3. Sharon-LSU
    4. Pickle-LSU
    5. B. Moore-Bama
    6. Mark Schimmel-USM
    7. Partin-USM

    POTY: Veneeze-Bama

    FOTY: hate to admit it but he is the best freshman despite how much more experience he has over the other freshmen Yeti-LSU

    If Partin doesn’t make it this year i think he has about 3 more years of eligibility which is ridiculous looking at the people he is competing against. He will get it soon if not now it may not be his year yet but just give hime a year or two and watch what happens.

    1. If #0 Chris Fartin, or any other USM play for that matter, makes All-Section, I swear to heaven above I will burn bamasecs down to the ground

      1. And which incredibly awesome player are you to say that? Let me think…oh yeah…the one who doesn’t even have balls to put a name on his post!

  42. Brian Garrott (Ole Miss) needs to be on your all-conference team. He is the best player in the section. Don’t ignore him because he plays on Ole Miss. He was our workhorse on offense, consistently getting upon underneath and deep. Defensively, he was also dominant. Just ask your best player, because Brian shut him down. He shut down Dylan Shannon, one of the main reasons we beat LSU. He plays great defense off the disc, and probably has the best mark in the section.

    1. Also, shout out to my fellow rookies Matthew Riddle and Kyle Cate. They should both be in the running for foty. Kyle has only been playing for a year, but he is already sick. One of the best deep cutters I know, he can sky anyone. Plus he has surprisingly good timing on his under cuts and his break side cuts. And Matthew Riddle has quickly established himself as one of the best handlers in the section. Great slash cuts, good knowledge of the game, always knows where to go with the disc, good throws, and most importantly, something most people in our section don’t understand, good decision making.

    2. hahaha… great early morning laugh. The only thing Ole Miss shut down was themselves. Finishing 8th out of 10th??? Listen dude… anytime you finish a tournament lower than Vandy, your entire organization needs to be “shut down.” I’ll call Ben Deneka and tell him a rebuild is needed in Oxford ASAP.

      Yes you beat LSU… but as my great grand-pappy always said “even a build squirrel has big nuts.” He was pretty senile, so I’m not sure what he meant, but heed his words. And Shannon, I just believe you just got called out

      1. I would like to point out that vet school has played better defense on me than anyone else I’ve ever seen. And considering Ole Miss doesn’t have one of those.. I am calling the legitimacy of those claims into question.

        But ya know, it’s cool. Vandy doesn’t have a vet school either. Just another thing they’re terrible at.


  43. Guys, guys! Can’t we all just get along? We have GOT to stop bickering and just agree once and for all that Vandy is just awful.

  44. FOTY has to be Yeti he is an outstanding player for any age. As for his attitude who cares this should be about talent and how they performed on the field. Yeti has tons of talent and proved himself on the field time and time again. I am sorry that he is there to compete and not to make friends. yeah i voted for Schulz.

    1. Ultimate has this key issue that makes it different from every other sport, Spirit of the Game….. Its part of the game and should be factored in. Yes, that sounds really fucking gay, and it is.

      1. Spirit of the Game should be factored in but not to the point to that it is the sole reason to not give the FOTY because by every other standard he deserves it

  45. I could just be ignorant, but I refuse to believe that Yeti actually wrote that himself up there (at 2:52). I’m not sure who would take the time to frame someone for such gratuitous douchery, but just as theres nothing preventing you from using a fake name, theres nothing preventing you from using someone else’s name. There’s just no way someone could actually have typed that sentence involving CB in earnest. I hope I’m right, because better to be a troll than a galavanting, self-absorbed 18 year-old who measures his dick size based on his frisbee skills.

    For the record, I voted for Yeti and Evan for 1st team all conference, but I voted Evan for FOTY because all season he has been the glue for our offense, defense, and huddle.

    I want to echo the sentiments expressed by Lala- I also try to avoid getting caught up in this blog, mostly because I don’t care for the petty arguments and I don’t know the freshmen on your team just like you don’t know the freshmen on my team. Also, unlike Rhodey, I’d rather jack off to porn than bama secs banter and highlight videos.

    ^^But, the other point of my post, my sincerest of thank you’s for the shoutout about the semifinal game against you guys and the growth of our program. I was here when it was rubble and its always been our goal to play our hardest against you, its nice to finally be a worthy opponent, as you guys bring out the competitors in us. I’m sorry, I don’t know what you look like, but I’ll high five you or something in Tupelo.

    TLDR: 1st team – Cousins, Walter, Veneeze, CB, BMoore, Yeti, Chris USM

    1. A case for Yeti.

      Everybody has been giving this guy crap for being such a mean-spirited ass wipe, but I’m here to tell you that this is not the case. Ultimate has been trending more mainstream (i.e. ESPN picking it up), and with that, the old ways (i.e. Spirit) is going to die a slow death. I would argue that Yeti is actually ahead of the curve then most of the people that post/read this blog. He sees Ultimate for what it is, and what it’s not. The sooner that people accept this, the easier Ultimate will make the transition to being classified as a real sport. In actuality, Spirit of the game is probably the biggest aspect of this game, that is preventing it from being accepted by a nation wide audience.

      People need to take a look at themselves when casting judgement on Yeti, who really is hurting the game? Him or you? After careful consideration, I’m thinking it’s the latter.

      1. You’re that the Ultimate is moving in a direction that all the players are assholes?

        Do you have evidence of this? BC ESPN is going to be covering it? Or because ALL athletes on ESPN are assholes? BC it’s going to be mainstream, the ideas of Sport, gamesmanship, and healthy competition are going to give way to absolute trash talk, individuals > team, drama queens?

      2. Are you asking a question? I think so, so I’ll do my best to try and answer you.

        Q: “You’re that the Ultimate is moving in a direction that all the players are assholes?”
        A: Sometimes my words get blocked up in my mouth and I don’t say it no good.

        Q: “Do you have evidence of this?”
        A: Yes, I do have evidence

        The rest of your comments are ended with question marks, but they really aren’t posing a question, so not sure how you’d like me to respond.

      3. Valley? What brings you to this lowly section’s comment thread.

        I think people have different goals for Ultimate. Your goal might be to make ultimate a more popular, widely accepted game. Pretty reasonable goal, especially for higher level players. But I think a lot of people play ultimate with little attention to whether or not it will be on ESPN or how many people at work/school consider what they do worthwhile or a real sport. For people without this agenda, playing with people with “poor spirit” can make all the time they put into practicing and the money they spend out of their own pocket for travel/tournament way less satisfying. There’s gotta be a middle ground on this stuff, at least for the time being. (plus these POTY threads are always just snarky and inflammatory anyways)

      4. That was an extremely lucid thought, unlike VoiceofReason who just babbled out incoherent dribble.

        I’m not sure if there is any middle ground, but rather a fork in the road. One direction steers an individual to the higher level of ultimate where people like Yeti will reign down an assault on spirit, and the other direction geared more towards recreational play (i.e hat tournament) where spirit will be rampant. Ultimate has been trending this way for quite some time now, and the existence of the AUDL will further demonstrate flair over substance. In all likelihood, you can’t have spirit and elite ultimate in the same environment. Although, I’ve thought about how the two (spirit and elite ultimate) can coincide and be the game that we all wish and hoped it could be. The main thing that needs to happen is to open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.

    2. yeah… but have you ever tried jacking off to bama sex??? yeah.. it’s mostly brother/sister and father/daughter action, but it’s still good. The toothless chicks give great oral from what I hear

  46. It’s my hypothozation that the enunciation of this foundation is an appropriation of his condemnation.

    ya see when woobly doobly is added to the rizzle dazzle then ya get a flizzle flazzle of the zoopy zazzle.

    basically he is the ghost dad of jello puddin

  47. if you’re not gay, this is what YOUR ballot should look like:

    1. that hot chick from auburn
    2. the other hot chick from auburn
    3. the hot vandy chick
    4. the hot tulane chick
    5. the kinda hot bama chick
    6. the almost hot vandy chick
    7. brad jones

  48. Ooooookay, kids, it’s starting to get a little raunchy around here, even for us. Stick to player discussion, and if you have to cast an insult think sass over crass.

    Or else I’ll be forced to drop the First Amendment into the Bama Secs backyard wood-chipper.

    1. It could work. The pizza would need to be of the dommie variety, and ice cold Abita Turbodog longnecks would have to be available.

  49. So lots of talk and I’m kind of late on this but I just wanted to give a few shout outs and what not…

    all conference:
    1.)CB bama- the guy is a great ultimate player and is a pleasure for to be around. Ya’ll might hate him for many of reasons, BUT I hate him because I can’t cover him. He’s really just too good to be covered.
    2.)Sharon? LSU (I think)- The guy runs the offense very productively and gets the job done, and I haven’t played him too many times but he seems like a pretty stand up guy.(I think)
    3.) Veneeze bama- Guy is a crazy threat anywhere on the field both sides. AND he’s actually the nicest guy in the section, no matter what when were covering each other we always had little talks. (that sounded gay) but really this guy is awesome and needs the POTY.
    4.)Bmoore bama- In my opinion one of the best handlers in the section and definitely the most reliable. He is extremely consistant and can make plays from down field and from the handler spot. very solid.
    5.)Ryan Landry aub- the guy has been our glue for the offense this year. He can almost certainly make any throw to anyone on the field which can be scary sometimes. (big blades) but they work and you can’t deny that. He also has made ridiculous plays on D for us this year too, he plays bigger than he weighs for sure.
    6.)Cody MSU- I’m not sure this team would be the same without Cody. He really is the centerpiece for everything they do and he can flat out play with the best of them in my opinion. Always make games intense and thats awesome.
    7.)This is a toss up for me because of the amount of people that i think deserve to be in the category. But here are a few that i want to mention:

    a. Yeti, (think thats the guy everyone is complaining about up there^) but anyway, I don’t really care about him going to jr worlds or whatever. He’s a good ultimate player and played extremely well against us this weekend.

    b.TJ aub- He has been able to bring a team back from very unlikeable circumstances and if you play for Auburn, or played before in the past you owe this guy a great deal. He’s a remarkable leader on and off the field and truly has sparked a fire in my self, and more importantly our team. Hes a great player and can do things most can’t with his size and his speed for a bigger guy is almost unfair. He’s a great leader and friend and honestly I don’t know what this year would have turned out like if it wasn’t for him.

    c.Ryan cross MSU- This guy is straight up scary and probably the toughest guy in the section (fairly certain he got stepped on his head and had to have stitches or something, and came back to finish the game after the hospital?). He hustles like no other and msu must appreciate it more than anything. Hes a really nice guy too.

    d.Pickle lsu- I don’t really know too much about this guy but he made a bunch of big plays against us this past weekend.

    e. Stewart aub- this guy, however crazy he may be hes definitely one of the best in the section. He runs his ass off and makes huge plays for us all over the field. Its a pleasure to play with him, knowing I can cut wherever I want and he can get me the disc. He has been a tireless cutter and defender all year and is one of the biggest weapons we have. Love playing with him and he deserves more credit than he gets. He can play with and be better than anyone when he is on his game.

    f.Andrew aub- yes, you have no idea who that is and yes it sucks. The most athletic guy on the field (sideline). Hes been battling injuries ever since his first practice. When he is healthy the guy can absolutely not be stopped, he’s probably the fastest guy we have and I alway make him cover veneeze. So thats saying something, BUT anyway he has one of the best flick hucks in the section and can sky almost anyone, which is quite a feat considering hes fairly short. great guy really.

    g.Draco bama- Very good cutter and his throws just like all the other bammers and bordeline perfect, great guy and always fun to play against.

    h. blake/keith/garris/danny aub- rookies….they are out of their mind good for first year players and can’t wait to see what they become in the future. also, probably the best cup D in the section. Seriously, they made my job at short the easiest ever and they are just really fun to be around.

    Okay, I’m tired of typing.

    POTY- veneeze bama
    FOTY- blake/keith aubs


  50. Ok, so I’m new to this whole competitive ultimate thing so I’ll keep this simple. These are the players that have made an impression on me and that I personally have seen make the biggest difference on the field for their team and deserve All-Conference:

    4.Ryan Landry
    7.I-ooob(no idea how to spell your name, bro)

    PotY-toss up between 1,2,4,5,6 (depends on the day)

  51. Regionals in Tupelo??? The big question is where can I find an ice cold slushy in Tupelo? Can anyone recommend some places?

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