If you got hosed by Ohio State like I did this year in March Madness, or by any other team not named Louisville, I’m sorry. This probably isn’t going to make up for the $5 or $10 you lost in your pick ’em pool.

But it’ll be more fun anyway, and you won’t have to lose that chump change again. Bama Secs Bracket Madness!

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”forms/d/1TRtiecF3YafuEHU23MufIy181ajawIDyAUq8ypAV7BU/viewform” query=”embedded=true” width=”760″ height=”500″ /]

3 points for correct pool winner
1 point for correct pool placement (2nd through 5th)
10 points for correct Champion
9 points for 2nd Place
8 points for 3rd Place
So on and so forth

In the event of a tie, we’ll flip a coin? Virtual pokey? Roshambo? Bear Ninja Cowboy? Discuss in the comments.

As the owner of this here establishment, I’ll be giving away $25 in Five Ultimate gear to the winner. So make sure to include your email address otherwise you won’t get credit for this assignment.

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  1. Amit on April 10, 2013

    This might be the best idea ever

  2. don juan on April 10, 2013

    the email address are visible to the public. these should probably be hidden,

    • McNeil on April 10, 2013

      Thanks for the tip. I cannot just hide the email addresses, so I had to hide the whole results page. That should fix the problem, though.