Alabama Wins, Players Who Impressed and Bama Secs Awards

Lots to talk about today but I am going to keep most of this short and let you guys light up the comments.

First of all, congratulations are in order to Alabama for winning Bama Sectionals 2010. I also would like to thank them for putting on a great tournament (they did all of the leg work) and offering such a great facility.

If you were at the tournament, then you missed all of my updates on the Bama Section Facebook fan page. Go back and check those out if you get bored today and need some ultimate fodder.

There was lots and lots of chatter leading up to the tournament about which players to watch at Bama Secs 2010. So now that it is all said and done, which players impressed you the most?

Finally, just a quick note on the Bama Secs award process: Working on it and should have something for y’all this week. Stay tuned.

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140 thoughts on “Alabama Wins, Players Who Impressed and Bama Secs Awards”

  1. Thanks to all the teams that came out this weekend. We couldn’t have asked for better weather conditions or better ultimate. Congrats to Lipscomb and Samford for making some unexpected waves, keep it up guys. Hopefully our section will continue to grow in strength and size.

    As far as players from this weekend go, I only have one thing to say: Gamble Ruff has the single best throws in the section, and yes, he is a curly headed fuck.

  2. first off, thanks Alabama for hosting a great tournament.

    from my perspective, LSU’s Schulz had a great tournament overall. Almost always on the field on O and D, he had a ridiculously annoying high release flick that broke the mark every time, and his vertical dominance was unrivaled. another LSU player that had a great tournament was Read. He’s a big guy that you dont want to throw a jump disc up against, but he had great pulls and great hucks all tournament, while I’ll give the nod for POTY to schulz, but Read deserves to be first team.

    Some other names to throw around would be Dirty, and Teetles. Joe Oaks from Alabama had some good throws and Clemmer played hard as well, those guys are definitely first teamers.

    There weren’t any Vandy guys that dominated against LSU, so I can’t say anything about them (heh, 11 -3). But Samford, Spring Hill, and Southern Miss were definitely programs on the rise, it’ll be nice to see how much they improve next year.

  3. I have had the opportunity to watch most of the players mentioned for the Sectional Player of the year award and personally I don’t know of a better all around player than Tim Brady. Tim is a tireless cutter and defender who has every throw in the book. I think part of the award for the sectional player should also be based on their overall attitude/sportsmanship and Tim Brady exemplifies what is means to be a spirited player. Watch for Tim and the Tide to make some noise at Regionals!

  4. Actually getting to see the teams play this weekend, I would say that Schulz, Oaks, Gamble, and Clemmer are first ballot first teamers considering that 3 out of the 4 players led their teams to regionals.

    Vandy and Ole Miss probably won’t get any love because they choked on Sunday in the backdoor game.

  5. After keeping stats for most of the weekend for the LSU team. Dylan Schroeder by far had the best tournament (He was the tall one wearing the stupid pink hat). He had more Ds then throwaways and had the best overall fantasy numbers. If you played agianst him you should know that he deserves a spot on the first team all-section

  6. Because Samford is still relatively new, most of you probably won’t know these guys by name…yet. Two of our guys were oustanding this weekend, playing really hard and spirited the whole time.
    First up: Will Cohen. This guy is a beast of an athlete and will happily go deep for a sky or huck it just as easily. He might have sat out fifteen points the entire weekend, never slowing down. I only saw him get skied twice the entire weekend. Once by Colin Keiffer (#91) from Vandy and Cody Smith (#33) from MSU.
    Secondly: Drew Pomeroy. He couldn’t make it to Saturday’s games because he was presenting a paper he had written at a conference. On Sunday, though, he was absolutely dominant. He scored 7 or 8 of our 12 points against Auburn, one of which included skying Gamble. Let me say that again. A 5’7″ guy with bushy hair and a pink bandana skied Gamble. Just wanted to make sure that sat in.
    I’ll happily vote for these guys for top team, but I still think POTY should go to Tim Brady. He never stops playing or having fun. He’s a great guy and a great teammate or opponent. ROTY has to go to Greg Howe from Ole Miss. He stepped onto their starting line almost instantly as a handler, and he plays it very well. He always plays hard and is kinda funny when he gets pissed off.

    1. “I only saw him get skied twice the entire weekend. Once by Colin Keiffer (#91) from Vandy and Cody Smith (#33) from MSU.”

      So ipso facto, POTY goes to me, Cody “McScrody” Smith.

      1. well i definitely didn’t post that. and the only reason i skied him was because he skied Clay a few points before, no one skies my clay and gets away with it.
        as for POTY, Tim Brady. (sorry clemmer)
        as for ROTY, Jonathan Gullet from MS State or Greg Howe from TSUN
        For obvious 1st teamers
        Zach “Crank” Moore- Bama
        Clemmer- State
        Dirty- Lsu
        Baskin Jones- Ole Miss
        and finally Johnson Thomasson from State #5, no one probably knows him by name, but he had some of the sickest layouts for scores i’ve ever seen this past weekend. This guy never stops working on O or D. He is overall on of the best players in our section who really gets no love except from his own team.

        Also scott tran from State should be in the mix. he a stealthy little asian with great handles and superior knowledge of the game. he is no doubt the most solid team captain in the section.

  7. bama’s moore, auburn’s gamble, and ole miss’s rushing were the 3 most impressive players in their respective games verses tulane

  8. Personally I think the POTY award should be given to Tim Brady. Not only is he a tireless cutter and ridiculously annoying player to go against point in and point out. He always has a great attitude and shows the best sportsmanship of anyone in the section. He also plays much bigger than his true size. He is great in the air for a guy who comes in at around 5’7/5’8 and has some sick layout D’s. I think that something people should take in to consideration when they vote for first and second team all section is attitude. It really is something that should be taken in to consideration as much as talent. It is one thing to be a dominant player, but it is another to have respect from people for your ability as a player and garner the same respect for the attitude that you bring to the field. Certain players in the past have not won the Callahan just because of their attitude despite hands down being the best player in the country. That being said is there an award for injured POTY. Jk.

      1. Also Stephen Brandon.

        It’s a crime he was out for the Brad Jones Memorial Back Door Game. It would have been a different contest.

    1. Injured FOTY: Josh Sheppard. If you played us at any point during the year (not likely), you saw JShep fly 50 feet into the air to grab the disc. He’s got some ridiculous ups and layout ds. He’ll be exciting to watch next year after his face heals. Yeah, he literally broke his face (cheekbone) from either an elbow or a knee at Mudbowl.

  9. “Certain players in the past have not won the Callahan just because of their attitude despite hands down being the best player in the country. ”

    Kurt Gibson

    1. Thank you for clearning that up Gray. Haha. I forgot to put Kurt Gibson, but that is who I was referring too.

  10. I might be the only person who knows this (as the admin of this blog), but I LOVE how all the Mississippi State guys use Brad Jones’ email address when they register comments. Classic.

    BTW, congrats on winning the Brad Jones Back Door Game (for the third time?).

  11. Tim Brady definitely deserves POTY. He is dirty on offense and can match up with pretty much anyone on the field. ROTY consideration for Brian “Swirlz” McSorley. Not only did he catch the winning score against LSU he play nasty defense all weekend. Also Greg “Fred” Kellert should be up there with all the names listed for 1st team because he quietly was an offensive machine. He beat people with his lefty flick and in the air all season, especially this weekend.

  12. There was a lot of intense competition and high level ultimate played this weekend that brought out the best in a lot of players. At the top of the list for POTY is Tim Brady. The guy plays with more heart than anyone else on the field. He is one of the most versatile players I’ve ever seen play the sport. Attitude and spirit have a lot to do with how well someone plays the game and I think that is a reason Tim has been able to dominate most of the players that match up against him (his sick breaks and lay out D’s help too). He has great field awareness and always knows what opponents are going to do next which allows him to be one step ahead of the competition. Tim didn’t just show up for sectionals, he has been making noise all season with outstanding performances at every tournament Bama has made an appearance at. Don’t let the fact that he looks like an 8 year old with his head shaved fool you, he is a manimal! Also in the mix for 1st team are lefty Greg Kellert, big Joe Oaks, and Tim’s co-captain Zach Moore. All 3 of these guys played balls to the wall every point they were on the field this weekend.

    As far as ROTY goes, Brian “Swirls” McSorley stood out big time. He was starting on the O-line consistently as a quick and crafty cutter that left his defenders with broken ankles. He also made some huge lay-out D’s in big games for Bama. Keep your eyes peeled for this kid over the next few years.

  13. the short handler from vandy, first team. all over that kid Tim from Bama when they played them, score doesn’t show much but very impressive player. Also ROTY, tall kid form vandy, Joe, monster skies, crisp cuts. Vandy showed once again they cannot play in the clutch, but their 14 man squad seemed to small to play through the awful bracket set up this year. Hopefully the section grows and vandy can show their true color next year.

  14. Michael Schulz is by far the best player in the Section and deserves to be named Player of the Year. But alas, im sure he’ll get robbed just like a certain LSU player from last year.

    1. …voted for Corbitt because…

      1) Bank had already won the award before anyway,
      2) Bank was gonna get his love at Regionals and from all of the Bama Section in the Callahan voting anyway,
      and 3) and most of all, because in just two years we had all watched Corbitt build a regionals team at Miss. State from complete scratch, during which time he was clearly the heart and soul of that team, and considering all his talent he still played with the absolute humility that embodies spirit of the game. He deserved a tip of the hat not because he was a better player than Bank, per se, but because Bama Secs POY was the appropriate, more intimate platform for him to receive recognition from those of us in the section who admired him, especially knowing that Bank would still receive his due on the larger stage.

      1. I don’t understand the logic behind bankhead already won the POTY. Yeah he already won and yeah he was probably going to get some love at regionals, but he was admittedly the best player of the section. Corbitt was a very solid player last year to say the least, but to vote for him based on things stated above when bankhead had earned and deserved his title after winning it is preposterous.

  15. It will hardly be a robbery if Shultz doesn’t win. Did you watch the finals? POTY is not just for talent but character. Spiking the disc on two people who had just collided and then cussing out a person on the sideline makes you look like an ass who should play for Florida…not LSU. To me if he does win, it tarnishes the award. Come back next year with a better attitude and you have a chance.

    1. with a great attitude, everyone would love schulz to represent the bama section… but as it stands now, he can have a first team nomination. but im glad hes not on my team

      1. Personally do not find the kid that great of a talent. I think most people would agree he is a liittle overhyped by the LSU faithful. I saw plenty of players at the tournament this weekend who deserve the first team award over him. Also considering he barely skied Tim Brady several times whom he has more than 5 inches on. Stephen Brandon from Auburn comes down with the disc 9 times out of 10 on Shulz. Plus the shitty attitude. Punch spiking a disc that probly would have been D’ed had two Bama players not run into one another. Plus cussing out a guy on the sidelines when his player clearly taps the disc in when he was not ready when we have video evidence that shows that. The kid is an athlete and can make throws, but if he changes his attitude maybe he will be in the running in the future. I saw several players from a talent perspective three and four deep that were better on Alabama, Auburn, Vandy, and Miss St. As far as the by far the best player in the section goes you are far from correct on this assessment.

      2. Come on, you do have to give Vandy credit where due. The smartest thing they ever did was send a player over to y’all to get you disqualified from the series. I mean, come on, fucking brilliant. Heck you could write a greek poem about that shit.

      1. Me too.

        It also sounds like the same LSU team that has won maybe 7 of the last 10 sectionals tournaments and didn’t lose a single sectional game for 4 years. Now, I am old and these stats may be a bit off, but I think they are close.

        @ Dane…

        3 or 4 players from VANDY that are better than schulz? You have lost any and all credibility you may have once had

      2. Heh, apparently I don’t know how to use the reply button correctly. Move the post 3 up, down 2. Get it, got it, good.

  16. Schulz was calm all weekend long and didn’t have a problem till the finals. It was a very emotional game with both sides wanting to win very badly and he’s an emotional guy. I’d probably cuss out the sidelines too if every time I tried to have a discussion on the field 5 people started yelling at me from the sidelines that have no say in the matter. I also remember having a player try to tell Joe Oaks “nice catch” after he caught a goal that was knocked into the air but stopped after he spiked the disc. I know Oaks wasn’t trying to show anyone up, he did it out of passion. Two people collided into him who didn’t have much of a shot at the disc and he was fired up. He didn’t search the guys out and spike it on them to show them up, he did it out of passion, just like Joe.

    I don’t want to get into a moral discussion of spikes and sportsmanship. At the end of the game, he shook everyone’s hand and congratulated them on the win. I’ve played against Kurt Gipson more then once and that guy is a huge asshole. Comparing Schulz to Gipson is completely unfair and saying it tarnishes the award is out of line.

  17. Nevermind, after reading the last post I am convinced that this isn’t worth the struggle. Good Luck to Miss. St. and Bama at regionals I’d love to see the Bama secs make huge waves in the tournament.

    1. I wish LSU the best of luck at regionals and will cheer for them to win every game, but punch spiking the disc is different and cursing out the sideline. No one is perfect I just want Shulz to have the best attitude possible to represent our section in the best way he can. I just had heard stories about people not having good experiences playing against him in the past. When we gave him the benefit of the doubt that happened. I will be rooting for him and LSU to wreck shop at regionals and wish Shulz the best. Don’t get me wrong.

  18. yeah well when schulz first hatched from his egg he was, indeed, an angry emu. but he has since grown into a beautiful bird.

    He is a great teammate and I will always be choose to be in his flock…..Lets just leave it at that

    1. First of all, I ‘d like to thank you fine gents for calling me in as a third party to mediate this debate. It was great to see all you guys compete and leave everything on the field. And what about that weather!? Beautiful weather in such a shitty town was a sight for sore eyes! I’ll be sure to drop you fellas a line when lightning strikes twice and it is 65 and breezy in hell.

      I have watched this “video evidence” mentioned by Dane and have come to a few conclusions. The yelling at the sidelines was a bit extreme, but Dirty is right… too many stupid people on the sidelines trying to voice opinions no one gives a fuck about. Schulz should’ve handled it better, but whatever, we’ve all blown up before.

      Amongst your many ramblings, Dane, you make an excellent point about I just had hhearing “stories about people not having good experiences playing against him in the past.” Of course you wouldn’t have fun playing against a guy who drops nuts on your face for an ENTIRE game! I’ve seen Schulz and I’ve also seen where he lives. He is a dirty mother fucker and I don’t even like thinking about how nasty his balls are. From the sound of it, you should ask your boy Tim Brady how they taste. Even you said that Schulz skied him “several” times. Let’s see if he is as nice as you say he is while describing the number of times he had to listerine to get schulz’s nasty ball sweat taste out of his mouth.

      Now, I don’t know Tim personally, but I will email Mike and see if there is an “All Bama Secs Miss Congeniality Award” because he sounds ideal for it.

      1. You really think I’m pretty enough to win All Bama Secs Miss Congeniality Award? I’ll have to start working on my wave then…

      2. Awww shucks. He is a nice guy! Not the sharpest tool in the box, but we’ll give him an A for effort.

        See Tim, the Miss Congeneality Award is given to the chick that is not the hottest in the pagent, but the nicest.

        Rent Miss Congeneality starring Sandra Bullock. (
        In this thrilling flick, Sandra Bullock is not the hottest chick there (just ask Jesse James…. HIYOOOO!) but she still wins an award. It’s like the “thanks for trying” award or the special olympics.

        It’s also like the lone fat girl that gets let into a sorority or the bama section allowing Vandy to come play every weekend. Or in your case, the guy who is not the best player on the field, but one he should probably get some credit.

        But you’ve won me over… you’re the best thing to come out of Tuscaloosa since this guy:

  19. First teamer probables, in my opinion:

    John Clemmer (MSU): Obvious candidate. Great throws, tremendous athletic ability, plays much larger and taller than his build, and is nearly unstoppable when he isn’t forcing difficult throws or breaking himself on the ground after flying through the air to make a D.

    John Rhodes Martin (somewhere in Miss?): A tireless, squirrely cutter with, literally, almost centuries of ultimate experience. Outstanding player on defense, and on offense when his head is in the game and he’s not trying to force big stuff. Also one of the nicest guys around.

    Gamble Ruff (AU): I’ve said it before, best throws in Section. Effortless and crisp, I don’t know any players who wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of George’s throws. He really sees the field and the defense with the disc in his hands. Also, you better respect the push-pass fake.. cuz he will throw it.

    Stephen Brandon (AU): Quite possibly the best receiver in our section. This is technically his first full season at the college level, I believe, (he was injured for sectionals last year) and you would never think that from watching him play. I think I’ve got about two inches of height on him, but he’d probably sky me 4 out of 5 times on a 50-50 disc — the kid can jump.

    Tim Brady (UA): This kid is ridiculous. I’ve known Tim since he was a baby-rookie, just learning to jump out of the tree and soar on graceful wings. I’ve watched him grow from a goofy, awkward, robotic and eager to learn youngin’ into what I can only describe as a terrifying hybrid of animal and machine. His throws are superb and he’s one of the best defenders I’ve ever seen. He plays about 6 inches taller than his mere 5’9 and 1/2″ (that’s generous).

    Zack Moore (UA): Coming in to the program the same year as Tim, Zack has worked relentlessly to become one of the best. He is infinitely smart with the disc, and has the lowest turnover percentage of our entire offensive line, for sure. His huge fakes and nasty breaks are an integral part of our game plan and we would be lost without him. And if you think Clemmer’s pulls are good… you should watch Zack sling some.

    Michael Schulz (LSU): Yeah, Schulz, I’ll show you some love. Even when you are freaking-your-leak on Stephen Brandon at Abita Savage, or on a helpless bystander on Sunday during an intense game, you are an athletic and smart ultimate player. Years of experience and athletic talent have turned Schulz into an outstanding cutter and deep threat, skying monster. And even though his throws aren’t comparable to Clemmer’s, Gamble’s, or even to some of his teammates (Dirty, Shannon, Reid?) he can still move the disc well, and put it if need be. I don’t think there’s any question that he deserves a spot on the All Section First Team.

    POTY, in my opinion, Tim Brady (see above for reasons).

    ROTY: Brian McSorely (UA): This kid is the real deal; he’s no joke. If we can keep him sober and working hard in the off-season he’ll be tearing apart the Bama Section for another three or four years. This kid has the best throws of all our rookies and is a stellar cutter, which has earned him a part-time starting spot on our offensive line, over about 7 more experienced players. On defense he will run forever, and has the most layout D’s of anyone on our team (except maybe Tim).

    Just some thoughts.

  20. So you already know that for the filming of the movie “300”, visual effects artists scanned Johnson Thomasson’s naked body into a computer program that rendered his physique onto all of the actors playing Spartan warriors. But what didn’t you know about Johnson Thomasson?

    While Clemmer and I were hucking the disc away and/or getting slashed on/skied, Johnson Thomasson was trying–and God bless him for it–to keep us from getting crushed by LSU and Vandy on Saturday. Even while Clemmer and mine’s ineptitude proved insurmountable, Johnson balled out of control. Case in point: the first goal of sectionals was a Johnson Thomasson miracle. He opened Saturday with a sick chest-high lay-out for the back edge of a shit-tastic Clemmer blade that was trailing away. He had no business going after it and I don’t know what kinda relationship he has with Jesus that allowed him to catch it, but he did. LSU can testify, and I think McNeil even commented about it on Facebook.

    It was disgusting.

    When Hunter and D-Rhea cracked bones in their feet earlier in the year, we had to do some re-shuffling which put me back at handler (now you know why we sucked!) and left most of the middle cutting to Johnson. He’s been really slippery on O. He broke ankles all weekend, and was the only player on our entire team that could consistently get open down field. I don’t recall anyone ever shutting him out break-side or open-side, which in retrospect explains why he was far and away our leading scorer for the weekend.

    He also showed the rest of us up on D, forcing the most turns for us on the weekend. Again, with Hunter out, we were hurting, this time in the middle of our zone. Johnson took over full-time work there. In the end, it was wing play of all things that allowed teams to split us. But up the middle, Johnson held it the fuck down, and got several bookends from the position.

    On Sunday, when all of our other players finally decided to show up–in true Mississippi State style–for the back door (read: this is the gayest, most bro-love team I’ve ever played for), Johnson still shone. Versus the Auburn Gamble Ruffs, I sent one of the more epic Rhodestar Space Laser Over-throws of all time up the line (psew! psew!). As the disc zoomed errantly out the back, The Curly ‘Fro who had been marking me made one of his patented, smart-ass on-field comments about how bad I suck lolz. But wait! Watch the video, and all of a sudden, out of the left hand side of your television none other than Johnson Thomasson Christ flies into view on his White Horse (or Darkhorse?) and plucks the disc up just before it crashes to the ground. Goal. Sick. I still love Gamble, tho. 😉

    Still, Johnson’s greatest contribution came when we played Vandy. This is somewhat immeasurable, but he was the only player on our entire roster not to get pissed off and yell some obscenity during that game. Now how they can consistently, year-in and year-out, take ultimate, one of my favorite things to do on all of planet earth, and make me hate it so much, I’ll never know. But they do. And in spite of that, Johnson held his cool and was a calming influence on all of us, and brought me back down to size after the game, which I needed. Anyone who can deal with their bullshit and not lose it is an individual of truly remarkable character and personal integrity.

    Alright, alright, sorry to be so mean to Vandy, that’s entirely unfair. Little Sayid Jarrah-looking handler and you two/too tall lanky white dudes, props to you guys. You have to keep in mind, I’m one of the dinosaurs that dealt with Zeke, and thus still resent y’all a little. I already miss Shmeliot and Eric Buzby. Those were good guys. Channel them and y’all are absolutely alright. Considering this comes from Starkghanistan, you can call it “ville-envy”.

    Silliness and hyperbole aside, Johnson really was the most consistent and dependable person on the field for us this weekend. He played completely within himself and for his team, which is a higher standard than a lot of players in this section set when we try to play at our absolute best, because we play way too selfishly. Personally, I felt like Clemmer and I carried a lot of hype and distraction on our shoulders coming into the weekend, while Johnson only brought his hard work and incessantly positive attitude, thus resulting in his stellar performance. I can cite just two under-thrown flick-hucks as his only major mistakes on the entire weekend. They are insignificant when you consider the contribution his constant encouragement, unwavering character, and tenacious play brings to our line.

    I wouldn’t write this much about him if it hadn’t been such a pleasure to step on the field with him this year, and if he weren’t the only State player deserving of a spot on the First Team this year. Did I mention he did it all while playing in Toms, in order to save little children in Africa and South America? Congrats, Johnson, you deserve it!

    1. Rhodie, I don’t think I’ll ever understand how you manage to be so sacrilegious, truthful, and hysterical all at once.

    2. I have never been on this blog before right now, and here’s this, my own 400 page biography. Silliness, really. Silliness and hyperbole. It was so well written though! Such style. Rhodes you should write for the UPA mag (and I’m being serious). I don’t really get into the name-hype, but for what its worth, here are some of my thoughts.

      In the years I’ve played at MSU, all I’ve wanted to do is be as good as John Clemmer. And despite his legion of injuries, he’s still far better. This weekend, I saw him sky people on his frail knees, and throw perfect full length hucks with his frail arms. He was taking like 6 loritabs a day this weekend (hope that wasn’t a secret) and he was still balling.

      Rhodes is one of the few names I knew before this season, and now that he plays with me, I know why. Rhodes is like Yoda. A lanky, white Yoda from Tupelo. He knows the game and plays with incredible passion. He’s a born leader and a great player, and he’s been a huge asset to Dark Horse this season.

      Beyond our team, I’m not familiar with a lot of names. But I will say, Gamble is the most exciting player I’ve played against in the Section. I love his throws and his monster pulls and he’s just a great athlete, an all around player. And his name is Gamble. When I make my Ultimate movie, the villain is going to be named Gamble.

  21. I was there on the same sideline when Schulz called the violation on Bama. He repeatedly called the violation because he thought someone on Bama was moving before the disc was tapped in. What would have been a short discussion between the people on the field turned into a bitchfest because a certain “preacher” start yelling at Schulz (when he had no idea what was going on). Then out of nowhere Bama’s fearless coach came flying in from the other end of the field to yell at Schulz (a second Bama player on the sideline) when the argument was almost ended and the shit started up again. Gray couldn’t control himself or his “preacher” in an emotional game a very emotional player got upset because he thought he saw a violation, but then he took it back because he realized he was wrong about it. I find it funny how Gray is anti-Schulz when the only thing that was wrong with the entire said argument was the Bama involvement from the sideline

  22. You forget to mention the video where Shulz does not utter the word violation until the disc is well released from Zack Moore’s hands on the way to being a score. Shulz then says violation when he turns as evidenced by the video and realizes there is about to be a score. I have watched it 5 times and would be glad to link it for any doubters. The bystander known as the preacher explained exactly what the video shows. Yes there was involvement from the sideline, but if Shulz had any composure he would have kept it on the field. Sorry but he had a Ron Artest moment. How many athletic events happen everyday where some bystander in the stands is screaming on the field or court. Do the players react like Shulz did. I think not. So don’t try to put the blame on the Bama sideline. I am sure it was the fans fault when Ron Artest jumped in to the crowd. The fan didn’t get suspended and fined.

  23. Short and Sweet.

    POTY: Schulz. good luck guarding him.
    ROTY: doesn’t matter. popularity contest.

    Schulz (LSU) – already discussed.
    Dirty (LSU) – filthy defense, quick as shit.
    Tim (Bama) – pretty fuckin nasty, dumb hat, but whatever.
    Gamble (Auburn) – retardedly good throws.
    Clemmer (Miss State) – dare I restart last year’s jizzfest over his pull?

    As for the other two, probably about 7 players that deserve it, not gonna pick.

    Honorable Mention: Hot chick from Southern Miss, probably got the most attention out of anyone all weekend.

  24. “he thought he saw a violation, but then he took it back because he realized he was wrong about it”

    He took it back bc I asked your player if he tapped the disc in and he said “YES”. This is the exact reason why this game needs refs. Your player could have ended this argument from the start by saying I tapped the disc in Shultz but instead he let Shultz make an ass of himself.

    BTW if you are going to mention people by name why not sign your name instead of being a pussy under an avatar.

  25. are people really still ranting about the arguments in the championship? get over it. about 99% of the people reading these comments don’t care about who said or did whatever.

  26. the key words there are YOU asked the PLAYER who was ON THE FIELD. you are the ass, because you and the rest of your sideline were arguing with schulz, which caused him to get more and more angry. if you would have shut the hell up and let the players on the field discuss it, it probably would have been handled a lot better.

  27. If your player had spoken up and admitted he tapped the disc in the argument would have never happened. Instead he didn’t say a word.

    Also I find it hilarious that everyone is defending his conduct. When an Alabama player had an incident like this last year, nobody on our team defended him bc he and all of us knew he acted like an ass. Someone spiked the disc on his head and reacted by saying something inappropriate to the player. In fact, we even sent the opposing team an apology letter from the team and one personally from him. I don’t expect a letter from LSU but it would have been nice to see Shultz apologize for losing his cool. Instead all I have heard is a bunch of people, who are to pussy to sign their name (minus Dirty D), defend his actions.

    BTW, he also threatened to punch one of players in the face if he bumped him again. Are you going to defend that statement as well. Im sure you have some bull-shit justification for that as well.

  28. In other news…

    Some 2nd and 3rd teamer suggestions:

    Baskin Jones (Ole Miss)
    Rushing (Ole Miss)
    Greg Howe (Ole Miss)

    Stephen Rhea (Samford)

    Clay Warden (MSU)
    Scott Tran (MSU)
    Addison Shock (MSU)

    Short squirrely dude in Miami hat (Vandy)

    Dirty (LSU)
    Dylan Shannon (LSU)
    Reid tall dude (LSU)
    Pickle? (LSU)
    short dark haired dude that lays out a lot, possibly Chris? (LSU)

    Greg Kellert (Bama)
    Michael Venezia (Bama)
    Joseph Walter (Bama)
    Dane Hinton (Bama)
    Quint Northen (Bama)

    Brad what’shislastname (AU)
    James McCracken (AU)

  29. POTY: Schulz: there really is nothing he can’t do

    All section:

    Dirty (LSU): Key part of the team on the field and off, can lock up anyone on D

    Read (LSU): one of the the two guys that I can’t argue with when they ask to pull instead of me, also the sickest hucks out there

    Teetles (LSU): The 2nd guy I can’t argue with about pulling, he aslo can get up in the air to get the disk despite he height.

    Sharon (LSU): best handler out there, tall as shit

    Dylan “Pickle” Schroeder (LSU): he pwns newbs in a pink hat, what else is there to say

    I know there are alot of players from other teams that are deserving as well, but I do not know alot of the names it is only my second year, but I trust Sharon’s judgment and will agree with what he said.

    1. oh and yeah best looking and best dressed def goes to the southern miss girl……if only dirty would have listened she would have bitten the bagel of his junk for only 2 bucks.

  30. Lets face it, there are more than seven players who deserve to be first teamers. Many votes will be based solely on name-recognition and hype, so I’ve gotta throw Johnson Thomasson’s name out there as a first team candidate. He’s probably one of the most complete, yet most unrecognized players in the section: dirty bids, great handles, and solid D (teehee). As Rhodie said, he was our most consistent player the entire weekend deserves some love for first team.

    No case needs to be made for these guys:
    Stephen Brandon
    Joe Oaks

    Would love to be a homer here and say Jonathan Gullet (definitely all-rookie team), but Gregory Howe gets my nod. Prob one of the most complete freshman I’ve seen in awhile.

  31. Also how do we get McNeil some love for Sectional Coordinator of the Year? He put on a great tourney and had live updates throughout the whole tournament. He’s setup this blog for all of us to talk shit about each other, as well as a twitter and facebook page.

    Thanks Mike for all that you do.

  32. Wow, a lot to catch up on here. Maybe tomorrow.

    Gray, go get a life.

    1st team:

    2nd/3rd team:
    Short vandy kid
    Some auburn guy named Stephen I guess?
    Zack from Bama

    Apparently I don’t sky people well enough? You should probably ask some other people about that ….

    Also, I never told that kid I was gonna hit him in the face. I told him to stop “hitting me or I was gonna hit him back” which I meant as his hockey checking tactic, which I’m sure you teach as his coach.

    1. I understand the passion in the moment and everyone getting heated in the finals game, but correct me if I am wrong if there is contact made in a point, a foul should be called. Nowhere does it say after contact a disc should be spiked in the face of the player, and cursing at the top of your lungs. Food for thought. One helluva game both teams played tho. Great players each way!

  33. My POTY vote goes to one of these guys…

    Joe Oaks- This guy has the nastiest flick hucks I’ve seen out of our section (Just ask Auburn). It didn’t really matter who was on the receiving end because one simply had to run down field while holding out their hands and the disc would gently land in it 60 yards down field. I’ve never shared the field with a guy who cares more about his team. He’s played through a torn MCL and a broken ankle during the same tournament and still dominated. Not to mention he had knee surgery 4 before the sectionals tourny. He broke people at will all weekend and threw an ungodly amount of scores. This is the guy no one wants to guard because you will simply get abused. This is one of the best all around players I’ve seen play the game. This is the guy who deserves Player of the Year.

    Tim Brady- I’m equally torn between Tim Brady. I’ve never seen anyone consistently keep Tim from getting the disc. Guarding him makes your legs scream in pain as he runs you all over the field. Always one of the smartest players on the field with quick breaks and pop outs to keep the disc moving. He plays stellar defense and shuts down most people he guards. Our offense runs through this guy, take him out and were pretty much screwed.

    On a side note, Joe taught Tim everything he knows.

    Both of these guys are incredibly gifted and are a huge reason for our teams success. They both deserve POTY for sure.

    Vote wisely, and stay thirsty my friends.

    1. POTY is either

      Joe Oaks- I could mention all of the amazing things that Joe does on the field but if I do you will just counter them by saying X player can do that just as well if not better. So I’m going to pick something that I know your POTY candidate hasn’t done, and for the record I think Joe planned to score this way.

      Tim Brady- While he may look like an eight year old without his beard you shouldn’t let that fool you. The man is we all know as Tim is an animal on the field, whether it be from his crazy cuts, sick skies, or his terrific throws. But then again all of you already know that because either 1. you guarded* him and we more than likely dominated at all times. 2. the guy you were guarding went deep and caught one of his sick hucks. Or 3. you were on the field or watching from the sidelines and witnessed the brilliance that is Tim Brady in action.

      *unless you are one of the few players that could keep up with Tim, you weren’t guarding him you were merely attempting to guard him

  34. But seriously,

    Its a toss up between Joe Oaks and Tim Brady. I don’t think any more can be said about that two that hasn’t been already. I give Joe the nod because he looked so sexy in that kilt. He also macked the disc off some stupid rookie’s head for a score.

  35. 1st Team All Section
    I have had the pleasure of getting to play with these first two kids since they were rooks. I think they have worked harder than any two players i have ever seen at Alabama and their work payed off this past weekend.

    1. Tim Brady- He is a relentless cutter and i guarantee, when you get done guarding him you are gonna be out of breath and he will have caught the disc 6 times that point. He plays some amazing D and even though he is vertically challenged, if the disc is in the air there is a good chance he is coming down with it.

    2. Zach Moore- He is so smart with the disc in his hands, he never throws turns and much of our offense is run through him. He plays amazing D and has the best pulls in the section. Yes i was there the clemmer pull was amazing but Zach makes you start in the back of your own end zone on every pull.

    3. Stephen Brandon- All i can say is wow, he has made me look like a fool both times we have played this season. I have gotten to watch him some this year and i have not seen anyone that has been able to guard him. If this guy is not a first teamer than this board is crazy. Also I heard he skied Rob White. has anyone else heard this?

    4. Gamble- He has every throw in the book and has by far the best handles in the section. He is so smart with the disc and rarely turns it over.

    5. Shulz- nasty player nasty attitude. He was everywhere in the finals and made a bunch amazing plays. Definite first teamer but damn that video is hilarious! Also no one touch the golden child he might get his panties in a wad.

    6. Vandy player in green miami hat- He was all over the place against us and i have heard we were not the only team to have that problem.

    7. Fred (Greg) Kellert- I dont think anyone stopped him all weekend. We watched the film and his stats are ridiculous and stats don’t lie. Its hard to beat his nasty lefty flick too.

    POTY- Tim Brady

    ROTY- Brian (Swirls) McSorley

    2nd/3rd Team
    joaks (bama)
    Venezia (bama)
    rhodie (who knows)
    baskin (rebs)
    dirty (LSwho)
    clemmer (state)
    sharon (LSwho)
    brad (barn)
    Rushing (state)
    Johnson (state)

  36. Hey guys,

    I’m not one to boast and even more so after having such a terrible tournament, but I just wanted to put a couple of names to faces for you. Jeremy Kharrazi is our “squirly little dude with the Miami hat.” I think he had a great tournament and showed up on defense as well as offense. Our offensive tall white dude is freshman Joe Wagner. He’s a huge asset and I believe if we performed better he would have run away with ROTY.

    Congratulations to the teams that made it out of the section; you guys came to win and did. Hope no one took any of our chippiness the wrong way; I tried to keep the guys under control because Vandy has that stigma of being the dick team and we really just want to play ulti.

    magnUM ’08 VIRUS ’10

  37. joe oaks maybe 2nd sting team but there is no way he can hang with the best..

    You cannot drop two easy catches in the championship game, and huck more away than received and be considered that good.

  38. Joe Oakes- Bama- squirrely handler
    cuts in a kilt and knee brace… really?
    Tim Brady- Bama- solid, solid, solid.
    Dirty- LSU- “, “, “.
    Matt Rushing- Ole Miss- This guys ability to make big plays in clutch situations is incredible. Rushing has pulled through with huge layout D’s more times than I can remember.
    Gamble “I’ll hit on your wife while you aren’t looking” Ruff- Auburn- she was wearing a ring.
    John Clemmer- State- Ask him about pole dancing with an inflatable T-rex. He gets my nod just for that.
    Michael Schulz- LSU- The guy shows up and brings the heat game to game. I look forward to seeing him on a field again soon.

    Dane “I’ll Sacrifice my shoulder to D you on the front page of Bamasecs” Hinton- Bama- You will haunt my sports dreams-
    Stephen Brandon- Auburn- Very smart with his cuts, and with Gamble’s throws all it took to get burned was one step.
    John Rhodes Martin- State – 2009 and 2008 I had the pleasure of playing with JRM, but only since he has been on the other side of the disc have I really appreciated how fast his first two steps are.
    Will Cohen- Samford- Hops for a mile
    Colby Alford- Ole Miss- This 7th year senior is a straight up athlete, it has been a pleasure playing with him.
    Jeremy Kharrazi- Vandy- I’ve appreciated Vandy’s solid fundamental play all year. Big nod to the captains who are driving the program. Great job.
    Stephen Rhea -Samford- Great Player, great spirit.
    Dylan Shannon- LSU- Great handler, good
    Johnson Thomasson- State- best outright athlete I played against this year.
    Cody Smith- State- great athlete, and very good spirit.

    ROTY- Gregory Howe- Ole Miss- Again, the kid is a total package.

      1. I know, I know. Couldn’t resist echoing Clemmer’s earlier comments.

        Wanted to amend my previous post to include two other Ole Miss guys who are more than worth mentioning.

        Matthew Stephenson- a silent threat he has better field awareness than most and gets open at exactly the right moment to do the job.

        Craig Threlkheld- whenever he isn’t running down the field screaming profanity his throws are incredible and he plays really intense d.

        Rhodes for historical and hype machine reasons should be a first team nominee. My mistake.

  39. I dont know if anyone knows me, (used to be fat kid from miss state) but I have been playing with john, scotty, johnson, hunter murray, cody, clay, corbitt, etc. for three years now and I could never be prouder to call my self part of their team.

    POTY: Johnson Thomasson. I know the race is between shultz and tim (two great guys that I have seen dominate the field everytime they step on it) but johnson was just as much a presence. He has sick skies, sick layouts, sick Ds, sick hucks, sick body…. The point is he never left field. He was offense and defense, playing his heart out. Our highlight reel is dominated by johnson, which is weird looking at our team, cody smith skyin people, john clemmer hucking anywhere he wants, scott tran being scott tran, DZ catching the disc with his dick, hunter murray laying out everytime the disc is in the air even if its heading towards his chest, and drhea catching anything that touches his soft hands (caught my hammer with a sick layout and was also part of the double layout with johnson, if you were there, then you know how sick it was). Johnson is an all around great guy and great player.

    ROTY: I have to support by man Johnathan Gullet. Being a tall man, he skies everybody, even our own team if they get in his way. This weekend, in the midst of skying people and cutting like a champ, he had a sick layout for a score. He also has pretty good throws, being so lanky he can break you with his eyes closed. Yes Greg is a sick handler and made his presence know, I believe Gullet also made himself known with his deep threat, good throws, and good skies.

    First Team:
    Johnson (MSU)
    Tim (UA)
    Gamble (AU)
    Clemmer (MSU)
    Shultz (LSU)
    Joe (UA)

    The las spot is a toss up seeing as there are so many great players from all teams However my shout out goes to Rhodie.

  40. Schulz – best skies since Miller from Vandy (outside of DZ’s of course)

    Dirty – a mini Bank

    Joe – biggest thighs in Section

    Tim – best step out flick in Section

    Gamble – by far the weirdest guy I’ve ever met, I still can’t figure him out. what’s the deal with Pokemon?

    Johnson – most under rated player in the section.

    7th man – since we can’t all agree, I nominate Brad Jones.

    1. Allow me to fill in the the 7th spot.

      Schulz – best skies since Miller from Vandy (outside of DZ’s of course)

      Dirty – a mini Bank

      Joe – biggest thighs in Section

      Tim – best step out flick in Section

      Gamble – by far the weirdest guy I’ve ever met, I still can’t figure him out. what’s the deal with Pokemon?

      Johnson – most under rated player in the section.

      Clemmer – crazy handles, cuts, and D. The toughest fragile player in the section.

  41. POTY-Gamble: He is the piece of Auburn’s puzzle that no one else could fill. Leads by example on O with a chilly head and works extremely hard on D. Clearly the best all-around player in our section.

    ROTY-Greg Howe: Watching this kid develop from a Tupelo, MS, pick-up frisbee dude to an essential part of Ole Miss’ starting 7 makes me wish I had his ultimate mindset in my first year.

    1st Team:


    Clemmer: Sick pulls to pin an offense deep and fearless leadership.

    Baskin Jones: Definitely best calves of the section; always gets open on the in cut and will get off his feet for anything on O and D.

    Tim: See above.

    Stephen Rhea: Not to mention his always positive aura, he defines the Spirit of the Game.

    Dirty: Top of Bama Sec’s most solid handler/cutter dual threat list.

    Joe Oaks: Can come down with anything and, despite injury, contributed greatly to Bama’s victory.

  42. I hope this will stop the discussion on “the argument”. Yes, I am the aforementioned “preacher” that got involved in the play.

    I should not have initiated with a player on the field no matter what my opinion of the call was. This is an important lesson for us…I should have let the guys on the field take care of it and there would have been absolutely no reason for escalation.

    Schulz, you are a very solid player who I have played against in 2 club seasons. I would encourage you (sincerely) to continue to play even better and with controlled intensity. You are fun to watch!

  43. I have only a very limited opinion to offer on this topic, because I didn’t get to see all of the great players this weekend as much as I would have liked to.

    POTY – Gamble, Auburn- He’s just got such sick throws. Can put it anywhere on the field that he wants it, anytime he wants to, against anyone who’s covering him. And on those few times he comes out from being the main handler, he’s almost impossible to cover one on one.

    FOTY – Swirlz, Bama – Got to play against this guy a couple of times this year and got to see him some this weekend. He’s got sick cuts and is very hard to cover. He’s also got very good throws for a first year player. He’s got a bright future.

    I also have to throw a shout out to Stephen Brandon form Auburn. That guy is just sick. You could see how much Auburn missed him during the backdoor game against MSU. Great defender who you don’t see get as many D’s as some people because his man is never open enough to even force a throw in his direction. He is IMPOSSIBLE to cover, especially when Gamble is throwing it to him 🙂

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say about some players from the other teams. I will say that Samford’s player who only got to play on Sunday is one nasty dude. Auburn B played to Universe point against Samford without him. Then he went and scored like 8 points against our A-team on Sunday, skying half our team in the process. And I think he’s about 5’2” 🙂

    1. That’s Drew Pomeroy from Samford. And thanks for the shout out! Loved playing you guys this weekend. Bummer on the timeout…

  44. I was the one that got the point and argument on tape, out of respect for the players involved (mostly Schulz), I didn’t make it available to everyone. I’d really like to have schulz’s permission before I share that video with everyone.

    That being said, we should all just forget that happened and move on. It was one point in a big game, we all lose control sometimes, and for the most part, apologies have been made. (I do believe a few more are due)

  45. I’ll say a word for the little guys.
    I would like to see Steven Rhea from Samford up there for at least 2nd or 3rd team. He took a school that may not have even had a team when he got there and led them to finish this season 11-11 overall. I think Auburn (beat us 15-12) would agree that Stevo has done a lot of work with this team. Plus the guy has possibly the best spirit out there…
    The team captain from Springhill was a handful to cover or cut against. Quick and knows his frisbee. Also has decent handles. Sadly, I don’t think his team ever pulled off a win but he is a solid player.

  46. The advantages of two thousand years of Western civilization are familiar enough: an extraordinary increase in wealth, in food supply, in scientific knowledge, in consumer goods, in physical security, in life expectancy and economic opportunity. What is perhaps less apparent and more perplexing is the way that such impressive material advances may have gone hand in hand with a rise in levels of status anxiety among ordinary Western citizens, by which is meant a rise in levels of concern about importance, achievement and income.

    A sharp decline in actual deprivation may – paradoxically – have been accompanied by a continuing and even increased sense of deprivation and a fear of it. Populations blessed with riches and possibilities far outstripping those imaginable by their ancestors tilling the unpredictable soil of medieval Europe have shown a remarkable capacity to feel that both who they are and what they have are not enough.

    These feelings of deprivation may not look so peculiar, however, once we consider the psychology behind the way we decide what is enough. Our sense of an appropriate limit to anything – for example, to wealth and esteem – is never decided independently. It is decided by comparing our condition with that of a reference group, with that of people we consider to be our equals. We cannot appreciate what we have in isolation, nor judged against the lives of our medieval forbearers. We cannot be impressed by how prosperous we are in historical terms. We will only take ourselves to be fortunate when we have as much as, or more than, the people we grow up with, work alongside, have as friends and identify with in the public realm.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, we can heed envy and take consolation in this poetic culmination of status anxiety, thus witnessed in our championship game. It struck me as a bit silly that we would allow such an outbreak.

    Maybe the bigger question to analyze: why was it appropriate or important to Michael Schulz to react in such a way? In a purely meritocratic setting, why did such a peak experience express itself? Has narcissism embedded itself so deeply into our culture that this reaction was our best answer to how we felt, or what we deemed important? Invested time and hard work could be the initiating factor; but by the same token, a washing machine should be entitled to a similar reaction.

    Gentlemen, I am very embarrassed. This cannot happen again. Passion is no excuse for disrespecting ourselves, peers, and those who we invest time with.Ultimately, this game is about bringing out the best in others. The competition should be against your self, and no one else.

      1. To say that Schulz’s outburst on the field is a reflection of a deeply superficial, insecure society is a complete farce. Schulz was angry. His response, though atypical to the way humans generally react in the face of conflicting interest, was not some heaping, self-indulgent serving of fuck you towards individual players, Bama’s team, or the entire populous of southern ultimate players.

        Your eloquent yet misguided psychoanalysis of the whole of western society as it trickles down to Schulz is laughable. Considering you hardly know Schulz, your perspective is garnered from limited (if any) personal interaction with him as well as the viewpoints of “the people we grow up with, work alongside, have as friends and identify with in the public realm.” Again, you paint a portrait of Schulz as a vain, egocentric player who borders on maniacal instability towards the ultimate community at large yet you draw your basis of comparison from those within your “reference group.” Using your own asinine logic, did you not just compose a ten page history paper for the sole purpose of putting Schulz down in front of his peers? Why else would you waste your breath characterizing Schulz as ultimate’s villainous antagonist as well as the downfall to human morality??

        Let me paint a different picture. Schulz is the only LSU team member who stays up until three in the morning calculating brackets for a tournament he spent 8 hours playing in when he has to wake up in only a few hours to play again. The day before, he was cutting class to line every field in the pouring rain despite the forty degree weather. Schulz organizes almost every aspect of his team’s financial and bureaucratic affairs to a tee. He tirelessly schedules the details of every tournament down to carpool assignments without complaint. On numerous occasions I have seen this man diligently swipe his credit card to pay for his entire team’s block of hotel rooms knowing that less than a third will bother to repay him. And why does Schulz do all of these things? Simply because of his unfathomable love for ultimate and the camaraderie he shares with his teammates.

        His athletic talent has clearly been spoken for so there is no need to rehash. Schulz deeply cares about ultimate. He has heart. An inconsequential, overly-hyped incident followed by pages of thirteen-year-old-girl-gossipy-bullshit followed by a brief history of time is not enough to dissuade me. Michael Schulz is the most deserving candidate for poty on AND off the field.

    1. Besides, not once did he call Schulz a bad person or deny his passion for the game. He was talking about a specific reaction on one play. His reaction was absolutely inappropriate, but everyone can lose their cool so this is forgivable. What is continuing to perplex me is how so many people are still trying to justify what he did and said as being okay. It was not, end of story.

  47. Joe Wagner from vandy being left off the freshmen of the year list is a joke. You all may remember him as the tall skinny guy who skied the pants off you multiple times. He made countless players across the section look silly with the unstoppable deep throws made to him throughout the tournament.

    He has crisp throws, huge wingspan, catches everything, and best of all, he can jump over anyone in the section.

    the only reason he’s not on the list is because whoever made the list got skied by him

  48. Anyone have any thoughts on the most unstoppable combos in the section. Any time I’ve seen Auburn play it seems like no one could shut down Gamble to Stephen, so they get my vote. I have to give credit to Tim and Zach from Bama too though.

  49. Gamble Ruff and Stephen Brandon. Both very solid players who can cut and handle with great throw. Defensively they shut ppl down. They deserve a lot chatter on here.

    I’ve seen stephen get skied ” or just D’d” maybe 3 times.

    Gamble’s got amazing throws.hands down best in the section.

    Also, stephen was really missed in the AU/state game. Its hard to play when you are sending your 5’6 freshman deep, with the really bad ass cherokee whistle iso! lol.

    Oh and that other freshman from auburn…that skater kid?

  50. Anyone to Drew Pomeroy or Drew Pomeroy to anyone on Sunday. For the whole weekend, substitute Will Cohen.

    As far as consistency that wouldn’t make a highlight reel: Joel Oliver and Sam Douglas. They played very smart ultimate, always being exactly where they needed to be when they needed to be there.

    Justin Warden: this guy did pretty much all the behind the scenes work in getting our team off the ground this season. It’s amazing to be with him on the field because he’s never negative. He sees what needs to happen and lets everyone know. His knees may actually be softer than Clemmer’s because you could hear him with every step clanking down the field. A smarter handler, better friend, and better Christian there is not.

    Much respect and love to the Samford squad. And Gordo, thanks for the shout out!

  51. Thank you Stephen; you’re a good man.

    Gamble Ruff most definitely has solid throws and is able to keep his composure out there on the field.

    Just because I’m from Samford and most of you don’t know who we are, as already mentioned a few times, two of our guys are standouts:

    Will Cohen: #17 with some goofy, blue knee socks plays 90% of the games and never quits. He skies, he can put it, he’s just an all-around ballin’ athlete. He looks like he can’t do too much, but the kid did work as a sophomore this year.

    Drew Pomeroy: #7 with some goofy, red knee socks, pink headband and flowing golden locks. The kid runs all day, plays with passion, and he skied Gamble Ruff in our game on Sunday. He’s a junior who will definitely be a leading presence next year for Ferrousity.

    Dude with the mohawk from Auburn-B was a solid player; I saw him making plays basically the whole weekend.

    Tim Brady played a flawless game against us at Mudbowl this year.

    I know Baskin Jones, Rushing, and a guy named Cody from MSU are all pretty good.

    I don’t really know anybody else’s name…sorry, folks. If I saw faces, I could tell you about some people who owned.

    Driskill is a saint…

  52. I’d like to point out the list of Bama Secs guys I played with on Birmingham’s Iron Men (5th place in the South Region):

    From Auburn:
    – James McCracken
    – Stephen Brandon
    – Brandon Deihl
    – Gamble Ruff
    – Brad Smith

    From Bama:
    – Tim Brady
    – Zack Moore
    – Quint Northen

    From MSU:
    – John Clemmer
    – Scott Tran

    All these guys deserve at least a shout out in my book for being great, solid players with awesome spirit.

    Some photo albums for reference:!/album.php?aid=2190605&id=26500052&op=6!/album.php?aid=2188634&id=26500052!/album.php?aid=2021030&id=1101783863

  53. Just some people who deserve some credit on a list somewhere:

    Johnson’s body is actually the only reason I play ultimate.
    Scotty (Chieetos) Tran has arguably the best frisbee mind in the section.
    John Clemmer is old.
    Gamble is in fact weird.
    I miss Brad Jones.
    Stephen Brandon wish you could have played on Sunday.
    The southern miss girls….nothing more to say.
    Baskin..How old are you?
    Rodie cant decide which team gives him the biggest broner. Ole Miss or MS State.
    Tim I love your chin.
    Joe you really do have incredible legs.
    Chody (Raw Dog) Smith has sick D.

  54. The Hazean
    “Stupid pink hat, huh? … Gay or straight?”
    Very gay

    Dane Hinton
    “… Also considering he barely skied Tim Brady several times whom he has more than 5 inches on.…”
    Worst argument ever. Like saying you barely smell your finger when you get poop on it when wiping your butt.

    “… Also no one touch the golden child he might get his panties in a wad…”
    I think you know that sports thongs can’t get in wads.

    “The Preacher”
    “…I should not have initiated with a player on the field no matter what my opinion of the call was…”
    Thanks, and according to the reasoning on this board you are now eligible for POTY. Congratulations! But seriously, thank you for the apology.

    Great tournament by ‘Bama. Thanks for the effort. I’m not even going to touch the POTY argument. I just hope the Bama Sex First team reflects the top 7 players in the section unlike in previous years. I also would like to thank Tim and Schulz (for the most part) for staying out of the arguing. I think we all know they are 2 of the best players in the league and both deserve recognition. Maybe they could play pokie for it at regionals or see who can eat a snoball faster or see who can take a banana down their throat the deepest.

    “BTW if you are going to mention people by name why not sign your name instead of being a pussy under an avatar.”

    Josh Chapman
    LSU (coached at sectionals)

    P.S. If anyone wants to see my ballot here it is:
    POTY – Gray – for his outstanding example of spirit of the game (couldn’t resist)

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