Birmingham Mixed Team Info

Another new team in the section.

We are in the midst of a mixed team boom right now. Baton Rouge started recruiting players for a new mixed team this week, but no details yet.

Birmingham, meanwhile, has some details. Joe Oaks, formerly of Alabama and Southern Hospitality, is leading the effort. From Oaks:

Abbey Sedlacek and myself are starting a new Mixed team in Birmingham, and would appreciate you spreading the word a bit if you could.

We’re currently calling the team The Downstairs Mixup – yes, that’s an Old Greg reference.  We’re planning to go to Monkeybowl, on May 31 – June 1, for our first event and it is open invitation for anyone interested in playing with us.
Those who are interested should send me an email with their name and level of interest at jmoaks7(at)gmail(dot)com.
- Joaks

Huckfest Info

Just received this in the Bama Secs inbox-

Huckfest will be returning again to Decatur, Alabama on July 12th and 13th.  All games will be played at Jack Allen Soccer Complex which, if you haven’t attended before, has some of the best fields and facilities in the Southeast.

Last year, Huckfest had 24 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams and this year we are hoping to reach that goal if not get more teams from both divisions.

Specifically, this year we want to grow outside the Southeast region.  We would like to create a tournament where teams are given the opportunity to test their squads against competition other than what they see at Sectionals and Regionals every year.  With Decatur being 9.5 hours or less from Dallas, Kansas City, Orlando, and Chicago, we are hoping that all of you will consider making the trip.

This is already a sanctioned event and on the USA Ultimate new score reporter.  But in addition, this year we are going to do a few things differently:  we plan to have a showcase game on the championship field on Saturday afternoon and stream this game through something like’s youtube page.  The championship game on Sunday would also be streamed and on the championship field.

We are also planning to add a cash prize to the winning teams and runners up in each division.  The cash prize per division would be prorated based on the number of teams we get for each division.  For example, if we get enough teams to fill the 24 men’s and 8 women’s teams, the winning prizes would look something like:

$1,500 for First Place in Men’s
$650 for First Place in Women’s
$550 for Second Place in Men’s
$300 for Second Place in Women’s

This is subject to change based on bids and numbers of teams in each division.

Currently we are setting the bid fee at $350.  This is a bit more than in the past, but the hope is that this will add to the cash prize of the tournament.  If we can get enough teams and keep expenses down, this would add to the overall cash prize.  Finally, we are working with sponsors to add even more money to the prize.

Bids are due by June 1, 2014 with an entry fee deposit of $100.  This deposit is unrefundable unless we must cancel the tournament due to thunderstorms or something like that.  But this will not be refunded should you decide that you can’t make it.  The remaining $250 will be due by June 28, 2014.

If you want to pay in full by June 1, 2014, the bid fee will be discounted by $50 for a total of $300.

More information can be found at:

Entry fees must be made by check made payable to “Huntsville Ultimate Club” and sent to:

Andy Sieja
2820 Briarwood Drive
Huntsville, AL 35801


Gulf Coast Women’s Nominations, And A Recap Too!

Ladies of Bama Secs, feel free to chime in below with a hype fest of your own (the men have their own thread). We are planning to have All-Conference, POTY and FOTY awards for the ladies, but we can’t do it if there isn’t enough support from the community. That’s you!

LSU coach John “Pingy” Nguyen sent us this tournament recap from the ladies’ side of things at Bama Secs last weekend. Enjoy:

Alabama – A great season thus far, really on the back of Caroline Marsh. Marsh is as advertised. She was probably the best player I saw this weekend. Excellent throws and consistently guards the top players on every team. She has a supporting cast that can work with her, but without her, they aren’t the top team.

Vanderbilt – This was a huge surprise for me, Vandy didn’t look like they have very much star power, but you could tell they at least had the right idea on how to play on offense and on defense. For them to upset Auburn in the Semis in a big deal for them this season.

Auburn – I still think they’re the best team in a 1v1 game as apparent in the undefeated pool play results. But their problem of no legs caught up to them in bracket play. They have very solid players and very good athleticism. I would say a disappointing sectionals for them, but at least they got to regionals and beat a top 25 FSU team.

LSU – Definitely a tale of two teams all weekend. Going up 7 – 2 on Vandy in pool play before letting off 6 straight; going up 4 – 1 on Auburn in pool play before crashing at the end; going up 5 – 2 on Bama in the semis before getting rolled. They’ll be in a rebuilding year next year with many of their top players graduating.

Tulane – Typically a very good team having a rebuilding year. You could see that they were trying to do the right things, but just not having the experience to execute all the way. I’ll venture out and say they’ll be back in the title picture next year.

Mississippi – Probably the most spirited team out there. A group of girls that just want to go and play. Most impressed with their desire to go out, get beat, but still finish all their games with pride.

Teams not there:
Mississippi St. – They weren’t “competition ready” so they didn’t show up. I was kinda disappointed they didn’t go. It’s a $125 tournament in their own state, no one is expecting you to go and “compete”, but just go out and play some Ultimate. I hope to see them around next year.

Southern Mississippi – Honestly, I think they did great for their first year. Granted they lost all their games, but they traveled a lot and I think that’ll translate to excellent team chemistry as time moves on. Maybe they can sneak in to be the top Mississippi team next year, it’s very possible.

People that impressed me this weekend
- Caroline Marsh (Alabama), it only makes sense that the best player on the top team gets the nod. She played up to hype at Sectionals and deserves to be here
- Allyson Lutz (LSU), didn’t have a great tournament, but you probably couldn’t tell unless you already know how good she really is. What else do you expect from a Lutz though.
- #22 Auburn, she was a really good player in a group of good players. She did a lot for her team this weekend
- Orange tank Auburn, this girl is probably the fastest girl I saw all weekend and I didn’t see her slow down. Reminds me of a Tyler Bourgeois before he joined a frat.
- Emeila Marshall (LSU), little Asian girl that got up big. On more than several occasions did she climb the ladder and left you speechless.

Other people you shouldn’t overlook
- Lauren Smith (LSU), this girl doesn’t stop (until her knee doesn’t stay in place). Lots of emotion and plays tough tough defense.
- Auburn girl with a bad ankle, even limping around on the final game of the day, she was making layouts and throwing scores.
- Emily Reckenbeil (LSU), The tall blond that got open all the time.
- Asian on Vandy, she ran around a lot, maybe not the top player, but the offense moves through her.